Plenny Shake has an oaty consistency - like trying to drink oatmeal, no taste


I tried the Plenny Shake with banana and the Plenny Shake with Caramel Seasalt - and they’re (sorry for my choice of words) equally disgusting.

I mix 300 ml of water with 2 scoops, shake for 20-30 seconds, and the result is vomit-inducing. It’s like trying to swallow oatmeal, I think is the best way to describe it. It’s lumpy, oaty and in no way “silky smooth” as it’s advertised to be. No matter how much I shake, I can’t get it to be smooth-textured, there keeps being lumps of powder in there.

It doesn’t taste like ANYTHING but oats either - it smells somewhat correctly, but the taste isn’t there at all.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just how it’s supposed to be?

The only other advice I can give is to let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. It wont affect the taste though, but IMHO you also had that coming when choosing banana and caramel :see_no_evil:

But obviously, considering the contents, youre never gonna have a water-like consistency.

Sorry to hear it is not meeting your expectations.

We use oat flour as the base of our meals because it’s very nutrient dense. This will cause the shake to carry a strong oaty flavour. I actually enjoy that flavour and look forward to having a shake every morning! But I understand that taste is subjective :man_shrugging:

We purposefully did not flavour the Plenny shake too much as we strive to give it a natural taste that you wont get tired of. What you can do to improve flavour intensity is use some kind of alternative milk like Oat milk. You can also go with cows milk but we strongly advice to take the environment into consideration <3 You can also add fruit to it while blending.

You can prep the shake and leave it for a few hours or use a blender. We could grind down the oats even more but this would impact the level of satiaty you get from the shakes. It would leave you hungrier earlier.

I want to remind you that we have a 100% return guarantee, so if there is anything you dont like about it then you can reach out to our customer care to arrange the refund.

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Thanks for your response!

What really appealed to me was the “silky smooth” texture, as you called it. However, this is nowhere near “silky smooth” and as you say yourself, it has an oaty texture. How is this “silky smooth” - or do I misunderstand something?

But it’s great to hear that it is how it’s supposed to be - I was afraid it was a faulty product, but doubted it due to 2 different flavours.

I knew there’d be caramel chunks in there, but how did I had it coming choosing banana?

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That was purely flavour-wise :wink:

So you don’t think anything is wrong with my chunky, oaty Plenny Shake?

I think taste and texture (even silky smooth is impossible to quantify and hence pointless to pout about) are subjectively perceived, and you don’t see me on Danish Crown`s website because I don’t like green eggs and ham :person_shrugging:
I simply stop buying and eating green eggs and ham.
In this particular case you even have the money-back guarantee if you contact costumer service. I fail to see how its a forum issue.


I’m using the forum to ask a question about whether my Plenny Shakes were normal or not.

I was promised “silky smooth” but I got a oaty, lumpy drink.

I put in the fridge and soon after the shake was separated. It looks like a oil or something.

Best would be to check in with us through the Live Chat option on the website or so we can have a follow up on this one for you and have it all checked.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Pr3miere,

While obviously “silky” isn’t a very objective descriptor… if you end up with chunks in your shake you might want to tweak your mixing technique (especially if you don’t use a blender).

What works for me is to add a small amount of water to the cup first, then add two scoops of powder. Mix it until it becomes a thick pudding like consistency (you might want to experiment with how much water you need to get to this part). Basically this is the best stage where you can eliminate chunks and get a smooth shake. Once you’ve broken up all the chunks, you can then continue adding the rest of the water bit by bit, whilst stirring .

I usually let the shake sit for about 10-15 minutes so all the ingredients can absorb the water… this will make it less “scratchy”. Sometimes I’ll add a little more water after this waiting time, because it does get a bit thicker when you leave it to sit.

If you leave it to sit, stirring it afterward is vital though (even throughout drinking, stirring or shaking is a good idea). Some of the ingredients (e.g. the fiber) tend to sink to the bottom and the water stays on top. That’s the separation you’re seeing. It’s just physics.

In the worst case, you can always turn the powder into pancakes, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

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If yours felt lumpy, my first guess would be that you added powder to your shakers first and not water. It looked to me like it’d get stuck to the walls if I did that. No lumpiness when I added water first.

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I just pour in the water, then the powder, just like the instructions, shake it for like 30 seconds and it’s all good – neither clumpy nor flavourless.

If it’s too thick for your taste you can use more water. You can also replace water fully or partially with almond milk / oat milk / any of those milk alternatives, which gives it a nice additional taste.
(I wouldn’t recommend full fat regular milk. For my taste it became too thick and started to smell if you took it with you and drank it hours later. Perhaps skimmed milk works better, if you consume it right away.)

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This is the reason why I’ve only ever been able to consume Plenny Drinks, not Plenny Shakes. Plenny Drinks are completely silky smooth and more flavorful.


Yep, I can make it «silky smooth» too, but it took a bit of trial and error to get it right.

@Ebi 's text above is spot on IMO. Usually these days I am doing 50% (ie 150ml) oat milk, 50% (150ml) water, then add 1.5 scoops of Plenny Shake.

Some days I even take half a banana in it and put it in the blender. But oftentimes it’ll be too sweet then, I guess I should cut the oat milk in that case. I’ve also previously added Nesquick Banana flavor powder to the Banana Plenny Shake previously to get the nice fake banana taste. <3

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Ooooh. that does not sound bad at all, thanks for adding to this :green_heart:

When I first tried it last year I felt.that way. Now I like it. I have a few flavor combos i like.

My favorites…

Coffee…add coco powder

Mix Banana and Strawberry flavors

Vanilla…add orange juice or Amazing Grass Tangerine Immune.

Don’t give up. Its the only product that satiates me and has not made me have gas or GI issues.

Hello! I, of course, add water first - I actually do half water, powder, mix, half water, mix.

So you just got used to the oaty consistency? :slight_smile: