I wish Plenny Drink v2.1 Vanilla in powder

I wish Plenny Drink v2.1 Vanilla in powder. I’ve never got to taste Plenny Shake v2.1 Vanilla! v3 doesn’t cut it for me

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@spin Sorry for the late response here first of all, thanks for your suggestion.
Am I right in assuming that you are looking for a more smooth experience than you have had with the v3.0 Shakes?
As the Shakes are based on oats, they will have that grainy texture always but you can try and see if it works better for you if you add milk instead of water or by shaking with an ice cube in the shaker to really smash it all up.


Hi Daniel!

I don’t think it’s about the “smoothness”, there’s something else in the flavor.

  1. Are you using the same Vanilla taste for both Plenny Drink and Plenny Shake?
  2. Are you using the same kind of oats for Plenny Drink and Plenny Shake?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @spin !
Indeed, we use different ingredients for both Plenny Shake and Plenny Drink.

  1. The vanilla flavouring: in the Plenny Shake we use vanilla flavouring while the Plenny Drink has flavouring and vanilla beans.
  2. We use different oat ingredients: the Plenny Shake has oat flour and the Plenny Drink has oat extract and oat fibre.

The ingredients have been chosen according to the nature of the final product, so at the moment we cannot make a powdered version of the Plenny Drink :smiling_face_with_tear: