First experience

Hi all,

Today I had my first Plennyshake at my office and i went with banana flavour. Although i would have enjoyed if it were a little more tasty I have to say it wasn’t bad at all.

One thing to remark is that the shaker bottle (Jimmy Joy shaker) was not completely sealed when I gave it an extra shake after taking the first sip and flooded myself with it.

Good thing to know: Plennyshake washes easy from clothes and pavements!


I always double check that I closed the top cover properly and keep a finger on the lid to make sure nothing comes out of it, especially since I shake like crazy. Sorry for your clothes. :sweat_smile:

Yyyeeaaaaaah. I have a stain under my desk at work which the cleaners haven’t found yet. I swear it’s vanilla Plennyshake


So today I had my second Plennyshake meal. Went with strawberry this time.

Since yesterday’s banana shake was yellow you can see the surprise I had when I found out strawberry was…also yellow. In retrospective I guess I could have expected that plennyshake was not dyed. Strawberry tastes better than banana tho imho.

Still cannot believe how this stuff is able to fill me up. I’ll be lowering the dosages, that I to be completely fair measure by eye at 1ml = 1g and then water “till it’s nearly full”.

p.s. no stain was produced in the process not under nor on my desk, also today my hoodie doesn’t make me look like I failed to burp a 6 months old infant so the experiment seems to be working great.

If you have trouble with dosage, I’d suggest the use of a kitchen scale. I personally put the suggested 173 grams of powder with approx. 50 cL of water, and drink right after shaking, so that the shake doesn’t become too viscous.
The problem of using volume (mL) for measuring the powder is that it’s highly dependent on its compression, i.e. a packed spoon of power has the same volume as a loose one, but its weight will vary a lot.
But if you drink your prepared shake and find it too viscous, don’t hesitate to add a little water and then shake a little till you find your own preferred ratio. :slightly_smiling:

You were right, truck, I should have done my homework the first time… as it turns out 173 grams is waay more than I expected (I think at least twice as much). Today I measured both jimmyjoy-plennyshake and water properly and got significantly denser drink and overall better experience.

Mabe that also was because of chocolate flavour. I love chocolate flavour. Good job on that Jimmy Joy!

I am also chewing gum to ease the digestion process after the meal since I noticed last time that was lasting more than it normally does. You guys think that’s a good idea?

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Pleasure to help. :slightly_smiling:

I chew gum pretty much all the time, so I don’t see how it could make things worse. You’ll swallow a little more saliva, but it should have only benefits.

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