Smaller scoops, please :)

Ok, this might seem not that important, but after doing 5 -days a week, 3-meals a day for of Jimmy joy for nearly 2 and a half month, I really got to comment on the oversize scoops.

I really like the products, doing a shake in the morning, bar for lunch and a pot for dinner for my working days. I am a CTO / Senior developer spending most of my time coding at a desk, and these things helped me lose 8 kilos since i started using it.

I am however not a fan of the scoops for the shakes. As many have found the way to get it to dissolve properly is by doing some water in the shaker, then add the 2 scoops, shake like a madman and then top off the shaker with more water. However, due to the large scoops, the first filled scoop always gives a bit of a splash (since the powder clogs together in the spoon. If you are in luck , the splash didnt wet the outside of the scoop, but if it did, you have to clean it off before taking your second scoop (or else youll get the powder in the bag wet, which causes it to stick onto the spoon and other things.), which is annoying.

a scoop half the size would be more pratical i think.

Obviously not a deal breaker, but still when you guys get around to decide on the next scoop, take this in consideration please.


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Try with this. It is a night and day experience for me when it comes to disolve the Plenny.

Fascinating! I’m going to have to pay attention to how I scoop tomorrow, because the splash isn’t an issue for me. That said, I use the large shakers, filled with 500ml, followed by 4 scoops, so maybe it works differently with different shakers or portion sizes.

In my memory I generally just hear a dull thud as the powder hits the water and prevents any really wave from forming with its weight.

You could also tilt the shaker slightly. That takes care of the problem :blush:

Thanks guys for helping out on this one and to @Lieven for posting!
It’s a fair point, and I will have it added to the suggestions list for our R&D department. I am happy to see that in the meantime, workarounds have been found :wink: