Plenny Shake and Scoop

HI All,

I really Like Plenny Shake Active and Scoop… I use it mostly during the lunch after sport in the office.
I don’t like the way to use the scoop and put the powder in the shake.

I always have some powder around… not in the shake… may be I’m not using it in the correct way or I have no ability, but i would expect a better way :wink:


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Hi Thierry, perhaps try using the inside of the bag to ‘top off’ the powder in the scoop and press it nicely together so you won’t spill when taking out the scoop out of the bag? Let me know how it works for you!

I’m trying… but some always remain and external of the scoop and fall after… Or may be my scoop is filled with too many powder :wink:

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I am not alone! I feel your pain brother! Trying to convince them to add option for small and narrow one serving sachets that you just put into a shaker in one go, without a scoop, but just got a bunch of useless advice. We should start a lobby together.



yes… or may be remove our gloves when we are using the scoop :wink: