Clarify Size of scoop

Hi Gang,

Relatively new to the world of Jimmy Joy and really enjoying it. I had a bit of a dumb question… which I think I’ve worked the answer out, but I just wanted a sanity check from a third party.

I had been working on the assumption that the scoop that comes with the bags (i order the active bag)) measures out the 95g of powder, as it has internal measurements going up to just over 90. I have then been mixing 2 of those scoops with 600ml water in my nice XL shaker, fits perfectly and i was very happy assuming this was 2 meals worth 800kcal of food, yummy lunch, carry on as usual.

However doing some extra reading, I do believe I may have misinterpreted the readings and the 90 interior measurements is CC’s and a full scoop is about 50g of powder, so therefore I have been using twice as much water and only actually consuming 400kcals?

Ultimately i just want to clarify that there isn’t a secret smaller scoop that I don’t have . The scoop that is provided is about 50g’s of powder. I suspect this is correct and I’ve just messed up with some crazy assumptions… only took like 3 bags to figure it out! I iz smart!


You are right about the scoops. you have the correct ones, and two of them together equals one meal of 400kcal! Definitely try to reduce the amount of water, I usually mix the powder with 400ml. There’s no secret smaller scoop.

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Oh, so can I just check - I’ve been using one scoop (90?) with 300 ml water. Is this wrong?


Hey Josh,

the ‘90’ inside of the scoop is 90 cc, that translates roughly to about 50 grams of Plenny Shake powder. So the 2 scopps you added to the 600ML of water was actually a 400kcal meal :smiley:

Came to the forums because I was wondering the exact same thing. Seems I only have been taking 200kcal meals!


Glad you found that out! Was it too little or too much?

Me too! Kept wondering why I was hungry!

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That would explain it :wink: Are you consuming 400 kcal meals? Are those filling enough?

They are now! And, they taste soo much better!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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