LPT: 2 scoops of water is enough for one scoop of powder

I just got my first load of Jimmy Joy stuff and saw that the packet suggests 150ml of water for each scoop and I thought “I already have a measuring device in the form of a scoop” so I got the scales out and took some measurements. Either by a stroke of luck or genius design: two scoops of water was almost exactly 150ml. Meaning that for a 2 scoop meal, you just do two scoops of powder and then 4 of water. Obviously one can vary the amount of water in the shakes so it doesn’t really matter but I’m still happy with my discovery.


Oh wow that is quite handy! *runs to the patent office

We should put this in the welcoming booklet @Nino , other might be helped by that too.

I always do ~100ml water per scoop. Easier/quicker to measure (using the markings on the shaker) and tastes better than with 150 per scoop (in my opinion).

Anyway, nice find :slight_smile:

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I find the markings on the shaker hard to see, especially when full, but I’m yet to try different amounts of water so I’ll try 100ml later today :smile:

I vary the thickness too. Watery when I just went for a run, in the morning I like it thicker. The meal size is just one idea really, we are required by law to specify a meal size that is why it is on there.