The Perfect Preparation Method

I’ve been taking Jimmy Joy since August 2015, and after some trial an error, I have settle for a preparation method different from the ‘official one’ that works really well for me, since it does not require a scoop and it ensures that the powder does not get attached to the bottom or to the top of the shaker:

  1. Fill the shaker with 400 ml of water (so the powder does not get attached to the bottom, as it happens with the official instructions).
  2. Put the metallic thingy in, the one that helps with the shaking.
  3. Throw powder in until it reaches the visible circumference where the cover of the shaker starts when attached.
  4. Slowly, pour a bit of water trying to get as much of the surface of the powder as possible wet (so that it does not get attached to the top of the shaker later).
  5. Attach the cover of the shaker.
  6. Close the shaker, and shake it!
  7. Pour water through the drinking hole until it reaches the top (so that you get the water RDI, unlike the 500ml of the official instructions), and shake just a bit more.

Of course, even with a better wording, these instructions look rather complicated, which is why I think that keeping the official instructions as is for new users would probably be better.

But unless you can show me a better method, I declare this the Perfect Preparation Method.

Edit: Switched steps 4 and 5 (easier to pour water without the top attached), and added step 7.


I admit it’s annoying having to get a knife or something to unlodge that stuck powder. So this sounds good initially and i’ll probably try it out. But 5. is what makes me suspicious that this method is actually any better. That sounds like it needs some precision and the way i’ve been preparing mine is anything but! :smiley:

So the best solution, of both worlds, might just to be include a very small layer of water at the bottom and follow the official method. Or alternatively just rinse the shaker before putting the powder in it. That’s what i’ve been thinking recently but I can’t test it out, waiting on delivery sometime this week. >.<

At the very least, it’s less effort and we’re supposed to be notoriously lazy right? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I’ve been doing, after initially scraping stuck powder off the bottom and walls with a chopstick.
I put in .5-1cm of water first, then pour powder to .5-1cm above the top of the “Water” label, then slowly pour water (so it can soak into the powder) until the shaker is full.
Then close and shake, let it rest for a few minutes, shake again, enjoy :relaxed:

I am relatively new to it, so I haven’t experimented much, and I don’t have the metal thingy OP mentioned.


Nice, glad to hear it’ll work then, haha. :slight_smile:

Relatively new myself, it’s arriving this week is my second order.
The metal thing isn’t entirely needed, but that’s probably why you got some stuck on the walls too. Doesn’t really matter if you’ve got no stuck powder now though.

Although I make an entire day at a time (so I can just cut off the top of the bag and dump it all in a pitcher), mine is similar except the first post-powder addition is crushed ice.

I also use the “a bit of water at the bottom first” trick, but I leave the ball out at first, I put in the powder, then water, then I close the cup and shake it good, then I open it up and put in the last bit of the water and the ball. This way I prevent the powderball inside the metal ball that’s been happening to me :wink:

I put in 500ml, add the 3,5 scoops and shake like a madman, the ball is already in when i add the water. and it usually works out perfect.

Hi there!

EDIT: I’m so stupid, I didn’t read the instructions carefully the first time. Anyway :sweat_smile:

I received mine three days ago and I wanted to thank you for your preparation method.
It has helped me having the perfect mix right away.

However, I would like to suggest a variation that makes the water pouring a little bit easier.
Here are my steps:

  1. Fill a recipient with 500 mL of water.
  2. Open the shaker and put the metallic ball inside.
  3. Pour some water until it’s above the middle of the ball.
  4. Measure 173 g of the powder and put it on the shaker.
  5. Close the shaker and open the drinking hole.
  6. Pour the rest of the water inside the shaker via the drinking hole.
  7. Close the drinking hole and shake, shake shake…

This method has the advantage of being confident the water won’t overflow.
You just pour the rest of the water and don’t bother if the water is going to go outside :wink:

So. What do you think of my little variation?

I’ve been wondering… if you use it’s prescribed doses you get three meals of 700cal each. But who has a 700cal breakfast anyway? That’s just way too much I think. It will only make you fat.

Personally I take 200cal breakfasts and 200cal lunches at work, which is when I have it.
700cal in 3.5 scoops evens out to 200cal in 1 scoop. Perfect. So I need 1/3.5th the amount of water as well.

500ml / 3.5 = 142ml

So, I walk up to the Sipwell at work and fill the shaker until the water’s in the middle between the “very-hard-to-see” 100 and 200ml lines. I should really mark that spot.

That’s it.

150ml of water with 1 scoop of Jimmy Joy. Perfect for breakfast and lunch. If I feel hungry, I have some fruit in between.

That is debatable.

There’s even research which suggests its unhealthy to eat right before you sleep. Heck, people here drink coffee at 8 o’clock while watching the news while caffeine has a half time of 4 hours.

I like to work out in the morning, especially running. From what I gathered, before I run I should eat fiber, during running glucose, and after running protein. I assume its similar for other sports. Jimmy Joy would provide all equally, but it would at least provide them all which is a lot better than the experiments humans have been conducting on themselves.

For people who have a 9-5 job behind a desk who don’t sport and don’t work out 3x 700 kcal is too much either way. No wonder they’re overweight.

So how much you need would depend on how much you use. Google Fit calculates the inactive cal at 1250 kcal. You can calculate how much you use with e.g. Google Fit (many other alternatives available). There is no way with a 1 hour workout I can get to 850 kcal. Sure, I walk a bit a day, but that isn’t going to burn say 500 kcal.

As for how I prepare Jimmy Joy I’ll quote my own post from an other thread:

"Jars are less usable on the go. They weight more, and are damaged quicker.

That said, for local storage in house a jar can be superior for the reasons you said. I would be careful stacking jars though. If I had a lot of Jimmy Joy bags, I’d just put those in storage.

As for the current bags, I don’t even use a scoop or a spoon. The bags are good enough if you know how to handle them. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Ensure shaker is dry. That’s my girlfriend’s responsibility as she does the dishes. She also sometimes makes my shakes. Awww.
  2. First use a weighting scale, put the shaker on it, and then fire it up so its set to 0 gram with shaker included.
  3. Then I open the bag, and I make it into a V shape so the powder goes out in the middle. With a little bit of practice, you will not spill anything. You don’t need a scoop/spoon either! The bold part is the most important/on-topic part of my post.
  4. I then add powder till 173 gram, or if its the third shot, till its empty because you’d end up with 174 gram or whatever more they added on top of the estimated 520 (*). For the first 120 gram I just reckless empty the powder out of the bag. Then I come more cautious. If I added a bit too much than 173 I just use my hands (yeah, very hygienic, scoop/spoon would also work) to put that back in the bag.
  5. When I get to work (that’s where I drink/eat my shake) I first shake the powder in the bottle, and then add water. The powder gets to the bottom during travel, so it has to be made more loose with more air in between. This ensures there’s less powder on the bottom which refuses to get loose. I’m aware that either adding the water right after the powder was put in, adding the water first and then the powder works. The latter has the disadvantage you cannot scoop back.

As a sidenote, I think at step #2 if you already added water and then the powder my method still works. Try it out!

(*) Legal-wise, if you add the E of estimate you cover yourself if its -within acceptable margin- slightly lower.
" I’d like to add I have not experimented yet with combining flavours, or adding other ingredients.

I’ve got myself a smaller shaker because I don’t eat the big portions either. Before I go to sleep I fill the small shaker with the metal ball slughtly under water level. Then I put in 40 grams powder and a scoop of instant coffee. I like my breakfast light and caffeinated. Later in the day I have few bigger portions without the coffee.
Still can’t shake off (no pun intended) the solid food though. Shakes keep me hungry.

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“But who has a 700cal breakfast anyway? That’s just way too much I think. It will only make you fat.”

It’s irrelevant how many calories you have during breakfast, your total calory count over the whole day is only relevant. You only get fat when your total daily calorie intake is greater than your total daily calory usage, and that over a period of time.


I use Jimmy Joy since the end of 2014 and have experimented with various ways to prepare it. First I’d like to say that I’d like to see Jimmy Joy in buckets like the Whey product. I always order something like 20 bags of vanilla of banana and a couple of bags of the other flavours for variety. I pour about 7 bags in a big plastic container that fits the vegetable compartiment of my fridge. I use the scoop and a digital kitchen scale to measure the correct amount in a tupperware box and pour that in two parts in a shaker bowl. I don’t shake, I use a small mixer (with a single spinner or how do you call that in English?). That way I get no lumps and a good consistent mixture. I have to do it in two parts, otherwise the bowl runs over when mixing… :slight_smile:

I prepare Jimmy Joy at night before I go to bed and keep 'm in my fridge.
I only take 2 shakes per day (about 175g of Jimmy Joy per shake) and at lunchtime I eat fruit/sandwich/salad and when available, I’ll try the Twenny Bars. Jimmy Joy helped me control my calory intake, while getting enough nutrients so I don’t starve myself. I lost about 20kilos. Obviously not (only) due to Jimmy Joy, but I work out practically every day (rowing, and lately weight lifting).

Same method for me, with hot water. Works like a charm.

I tried the method of placing the water first but in my experience there is always some powder on the top. By putting water first then powder and again some water is too much effort. Therefore I started with the powder and fill the rest of the shaker with water. But now there is some powder on te bottom. The first times I was annoyed.
Later on I noticed that before shaking you have to bounce twice the shaker before shaking regular.
If you marked the spot 12 on the shaker you don’t need to measuring anymore.

in conclusion:

  • Put powder till 12 on the shaker.

  • add metal ball.

  • add the rest of the shaker with water till the top.

  • close the shaker.

  • bounce two times upside down.

  • add just shake easily till its done.

  • put it in fridge and enjoy later!

Way too involved. Just put the water in, then put the Jimmy Joy in and put the cap on. Put the bottle between your palms and cause the bottle to twist back and forth (with the axis of spin down the center of the bottle). Even gently doing this, you can see it mixing with the water and the dried bit disappearing. When there is no dried bit on the side, shake. I’ve not found a better way.

Here is my process :
- Remove the lid.
- Add cold water straight from the tap.
- Add the powder
- Put the lid on and close it.
- Shake it a little to moisturize all the powder inside.
- Shake it Hard for about 30 sec.
- Let it sit for 10 to 20 min at room temp (depends on your taste and hungriness).
- Shake it a last time to blend everything together.
- Enjoy

In the morning, i also like to add a stick of grinded instant coffee and a tiny bit of sugar to the vanilla shake.

Putting in the fridge was too cool for me, especially in the morning.

Just use a blender :smiley: No stress :slight_smile:

After putting the lid on, put your flat palms on each side of the bottle and roll it between your palms making is spin on the cylinder’s longitudinal axis. Then shake it. That makes the powder all sink into the water and you don’t get the globs stuck to the lid.

I remember the website suggesting to do a dance while shaking.
Which dance works best and how long?