My Personal Experiences with Jimmy Joy. U.S User

I only recently just received my first Jimmy Joy Order to Pittsburgh. The dispatch took some time probably because of the Xmas period but when it shipped it only took 2 days to arrive. I actually joked to my friend that It was so fast I wonder if someone took it on a plane when they were flying over.

I have been using Soylent for most of my meals probably about 95% and decided to give Jimmy Joy a try. For the 30 packs and shipping it was about the same price as 21 bags of Soylent . So saving a little money always helps and getting better value for money.

My biggest obstacle if you even want to call it that was the consistency when first mixed it was very watery and didn’t seem to trick my stomach into feeling full and happy. So my preparation was just like Soylent powder. I used the pitcher that they sent me and mix a whole bag of Jimmy Joy at once in it and let it rest in the fridge overnight and it certainly makes it thicker and much more like the Soylent texture I was used to just need to shake it before use.

Also a big help that I learnt if in a pinch to thicken it was to put the Jimmy Joy mixer bottle in the freezer for about 30 mins not so it freezes but enough to make it really cold and that really thickens it and fills me up.

Also I have been trying to lose a little weight so with my guess 600ml of premixed is pretty close to 600 calories a meal I am guessing. So I am getting about 3 full meals and a half

I have enjoyed the flavours so far. I am just brewing Mango for the first time tomorrow but it smells great.

I will see how I go with all the flavours over the 30 days. Every day I change bags and also 1 meal is a mixture my only wish is maybe a Jimmy Joy made a No Flavour or neutral bag as well

But other than hat I have been very happy with both the service and product from Jimmy Joy as they may have found another long time user at this price point. SO if you are in the US and debating on trying Jimmy Joy over Soylent I would highly recommend giving it a shot. I did and glad I did!

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Thanks for your review! Great to hear you’re this satisfied :slight_smile: we’re actually working on a neutral flavour. We don’t know when we’ll launch it yet, but it’s definitely something we plan on selling in the future!


Nice review! I live in the US (in DC) and my shipping experience was similar; once it shipped, it got here very quickly. I’ve been so happy with it that I just set up the monthly subscription. So I don’t even have to think about it.

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If you add a pinch of xanthan gum, that’ll keep it from separating and thicken it.

About that topic, is it really OK to let it sit over night? A friend told me that if you leave it in the shaker unconsumed for more than four hours, the nutrients get depleted. Can anyone verify this?

You can definitely leave it overnight! I wouldn’t leave it premixed in the shaker for much longer, but one night shouldn’t hurt if you make sure it’s cooled properly :slight_smile:


I see. Is there a specific amount of hours that one should keep in mind?

Not a specific amount of hours, but I’d say a maximum of 24 or so!