Ordered Jimmy Joy to Japan; arrived in three days!

What a pleasant surprise! I really wasn’t expecting it to arrive this fast! I’ve been preparing some “make shift” alternatives based on whey protein, a “weight up” supplement, and “calorie mate” bars/jellies.

I recently arrived to Tokyo and plan to stay here for a few months. I’ve gotten used to Soylent when I was in Canada and have been missing it badly. Without this kind of meal it’s hard to track calories and nutrition.

My Jimmy Joy package arrived today. I opened the mango bag and prepared a meal for tomorrow. I only sipped a tiny amount but the taste and texture seems decent. Pretty much what I would expect from a professionally produced powdered food.

Here’s the progress log from UPS:

Note: this doesn’t account for some hiccups that occurred from when I placed the order via the website (I chose to pay with Bitcoin and that seems to have caused some issues)

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It’s now morning in Japan. I just woke up and consumed my first serving (173g; 685 calories)


Similar to Soylent 1.5. Mostly smooth but with some grittiness.


This was the mango flavored version. So obviously there’s a mango taste. But you can sort of tell it’s an added flavor. I have a feeling it would taste just fine without the mango flavor TBH.

There’s some splenda-like taste, where it’s obvious that there’s some artificial sweetener has been used. It’s not exactly to my liking but I don’t mind it in this case.

Overall consuming it is pretty enjoyable


This surprised me! It’s pretty filling and satisfying! I had another protein shake prepared (from the day before) and I tried to drink that after the Jimmy Joy meal but I couldn’t! I was too full!

I never felt that way on Soylent!

With Soylent, I was never left feeling hungry, but I hardly felt full either; I could always go for more! I had to practice self-control to prevent myself from consuming something else or more Soylent.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my first Jimmy Joy meal. I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors.

Definitely will be ordering more of it!


I came here to tell how my order from Japan got here in just one week, only to see your post. Still I’m surprised at one week, but three days is amazing for international shipping.

Mine is chocolate, but the chocolate taste is very subtle. It tastes like Cheerios blended in milk. I actually liked it.

I was also amazed at how full I got.

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I got through a bag of mango and a bag of banana. I thought the mango was good but the banana blows it out of the water.

Next will be the chocolate flavor!

@hasen, since you are in Japan, care to buy this Japanese soylent and get back to us?

(It is much more expensive than Jimmy Joy, $16/day I believe. But their trial pack is very cheap.)

@ric This is a Jimmy Joy forum so out of respect I would rather not review other products.

Tried the chocolate flavor, it reminds me a lot of “Hol Food” when I tried it over a year ago.

I normally like chocolate flavored things, but somehow it doesn’t fit for a soylent product.

So out of the flavors I tried (mango, banana, chocolate) I like banana the most.

Sorry. Meant no disrespect.

Being active in the Soylent forum, you no doubt see the reviews for all other powdered foods. I assumed this forum was as open, but I understand if you believe this is not the case.

(Can you sample the Japanese version and review it in the Soylent forum? Or in Reddit?)


I’m moving to Japan and I’ve made Jimmy Joy part of my diet so I’m worried about the import taxes and shipping costs from EU to Japan. Last time I was there, buying clothes online front South Korea already cost me a ton of money on import takes.

How much did they charge you for shipping and import taxes on your order?

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Hey @AverageJoe, welcome to the forum!
I took this shipping costs screenshot from our website

About the import taxes in Japan, I hope Hansen can help you with this information if not, you will need to check this with the authorities. Usually, it depends on the purchase value and the type of product.