Soylent out of stock until January, looking at Jimmy Joy

Long time Soylent Powder user here, and I have become a bit disenfranchised with Rosa Labs. If you haven’t heard they pulled their 1.6 powder and bars to reformulate and both items are out of stock until January.

To fill the gap, I want to try Jimmy Joy.

Has anyone here consumed Soylent 1.5/1.6 and made the transition to Jimmy Joy? Is there anything I should be aware of, differences compared to Soylent?

Does anyone know how long it takes to ship from Amsterdam to the USA?

1 Like for the differences between the two. I myself have no experience with Soylent, hope this link helps you out!

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Recently it’s 3 or 4 days to Japan, so I imagine you don’t have to worry about shipping time to the US.

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Page is out of date. For instance, it says Soylent contains 80 grams of protein, but Soylent contains 100 grams of protein.

(Jimmy Joy also highlights that it has more fibre, and that Soylent has too little fibre. But an argument could be made that a liquid diet/meal does not require as much fibre as solid food. Even @pablo said, “The total content remains 32g, which is particularly high.”)

There are differences, but Jimmy Joy will be fine. Nutritional guidelines are different between the countries, but both are much more nutritionally well-rounded than most diets. I believe Jimmy Joy is cheaper? It is sweeter. As far as flavors, the majority favor banana.

Five days, only 5 days from the time I placed my order until it was delivered to my door. My package shipped from the Amsterdam, Netherlands to Eastern Washington, USA. No duties, our two countries have free trade.

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I’ve had Soylent 1.5 and 1.6 and Jimmy Joy beats it in every category. Flavor, protein content, price, smoothness etc. I live in Boston and got my Jimmy Joy in 1 week.

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