Is JimmyJoy consistent with shipping times?

Hey everyone, I wanted to make sure of something before I ordered powder from JimmyJoy. I’m new to it and am strongly considering, but I’ve seen a LOT of complaints about people receiving their orders way later than expected. Considering that I need to eat everyday, i’d assume that it wouldn’t be smart for me to order my supply of food from JimmyJoy and have to wait weeks for it to show up. Obviously very inconvenient and i’d like to not starve😂 Do the items consistently take forever to arrive?

Hi jonathanelson!

Thanks for posting your question/concern here.

As you note multiple complaints about the delivery delays, I am expecting that you would be ordering to the US?
We ship from the Netherlands for all countries except the US. For the US, we have experienced delays in the past due to changes in regulations and the ever-changing world we live in with an ongoing ware and pandemic that have both also made for delays with out restock shipments for our US customers.

We have adjusted internal processes to try and avoid this, but you will understand it is not something we can put a hard promise on as we are dependent on external factors in the logistics process. If it turns out we can not fulfil an item or items from an order, we will always be in touch with you about the options and sort it in the best way possible for you.

At this point in time, we just received two restock shipments and are healthy on the stock at the moment.
If you ever would like to know the specific situation at a certain time, feel free to check in with us through the Live Chat option on the website or


Two orders so far. First one took 10 days to Cyprus, second one 3 days. Guessing connections play a big part in transit time to here but nothing really too excessive and certainly nothing I’m not used to already. Couple of extra bags in my order more than covers any potential for delay.

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