What has happened to the excellent customer service that I used to enjoy?

What in the world has happened to the excellent customer service that I used to appreciate and friend upon? I placed an order two weeks ago, and after a week or so, after not being able to track my shipment online, I contacted customer service to say where the heck is my stuff?

They apologized and said that they’d send a shipment immediatelyt, and add a few extras for the inconvenience.

A week later…no product. I contacted customer service they said it shipped on Saturday. Then I got a another message saying that it was shipping today.

I’ve been given four different shipping dates, and still they claim there’s no way to track the shipment! Either they’ve shipped it to me more than once, or they have given me wrong information more than once. I don’t for second believe that I’ve been lied to, but I also find it hard to believe that they have no clue as to when or if they shipped me the product… for which they have accepted payment.

Has anyone else been having similar problems? Can anyone suggest another quality 'lent product in case this kind of problem continues?

I love Jimmy Joy, and have become dependent on it for daily nutrition, but if I can’t depend on the product being delivered I’m going to have to find something else.

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Well, I just got another email update from Olivia. It seems that the order that I placed on February 6, didn’t receive and I was told again that it was shipped on February 12, didn’t receive it, I was told that it shipped on February 17, and I’ve been told that it was shipped on February 19. Do any of you have any clue of what’s going on there?

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Yet another update from customer service. Olivia tells me that the order that I placed on February 6, which she previously assured me was shipped on February 17, will be shipping out in the next few days.

What the hell? Why can’t an order that I placed on February 6, that was promised to be sent out on February 12th and again on February 17, actually be processed today?

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And now Maarten, head of customer service, emails me to let me know that the reason there is been such a significant delay in shipping is that he has “such little insights as to what is really going on”.

Maarten, I would think that having more than “very little insight” into how your customers are serviced, would be an integral part of being head of customer service, no?

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Hi Bones221,

Thanks again for your feedback.
I totally agree with you that the lack of communication is our problem, the reason I mentioned our “very little insight” is that I wanted to be transparent and let you know why we are handling your shipment this poorly.
We definitely face some issues with our US warehouse, which is also the reason that we haven’t announced it yet.
Your shipment first seemed “shipped” only then we found out that it wasn’t.

We are continuously working on our system and communication with our US warehouse.

I’ve sent​ you an email with a personal offer, hope that’s a small solution.
We’ll keep in touch.

Kind regards,

Maarten - Customer care


The measure of quality customer service is not whether there are service failings, but how the company recovers from their failings. You knew that you were having troubleswith your US warehouse. Had you, when this issue first arose, simply shipped me a few bags with quick shipping to tide me over until the main order arrived… As I suggested at the time, there would’ve been no problem whatsoever. As it is, you made me wait for more than two weeks, (and then just one more hopeful day). Before you made any attempt to rectify the situation. All the while, you knew that I was about out. Now I am out. And I have to wait for up to another week for my nutrition to arrive.

Yes, were very transparent in letting me know that you had no clue what was going on. As a food manufacturer, you know that your customers depend on you, and I think you have a certain trust to honor with your customer.

Thank you for finally shipping the product, and in the future I will know to give much more lead time. In the future, you might like to find a more dependable warehouseman.

hi, I ordered four days ago from the US and have not gotten a shipping notification yet. I’m just wondering if my order will ship from the US or Netherlands. Thank you! Excited to try the product!

Hi Bones221,

Thanks for your explanation of this issue.
We faced major problems with our first US warehouse shipments and I somehow still had the idea that your order would arrive soon. It obviously didn’t…

In the end, part of all that caused all the errors was our own system. Our US warehouse contact person simply didn’t receive our orders. We are now going to completely change to a new system so this won’t happen again in the future.

Finally, we got your tracking code for your US warehouse shipment that I’ve now sent you by email, you will receive two times your order. That will hopefully, enlargen your stock for now.

This was a big lesson for me as well for our company as a whole, once again my apologies.

Both of your packages are on the way.

All the best,

Customer care

Hi Axwiting,

Your order will be shipped from the US!
Can you please send me a PM with your order number or mail to love@jimmyjoy.com so I can send you the shipping notification?

Let me know.

Kind regards,

Customer care

Here is my order number, it seems as if there is an issue with the shipment according to love Jimmy Joy #R911461012

Thank you for finally getting the product on its way. It could’ve been handled better, but in the end I will be getting the product that I have come to enjoy and depend upon. For future reference, when testing a new system, you might let your customer in on the plan, and put plans in place to recovery from possible failure.

While I do appreciate the additional items you’re putting in my order, I would’ve preferred not to run out and have to do without for a week.

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I’ve not experience such issues with a lack of customer service… then again I’m in no rush for anything (from any vendor).

Jimmy Joy - what are the actual costs for shipping your products to the US?

It was my understanding that you all are offsetting the cost, so I’m rather curious what you might think (not an exact) what shipping would be once the US warehouse is set up?

And up until this order, I had never experienced anything but fantastic customer service myself. Maarten has made up for it though, and I don’t expect it’ll happen again.

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HI Bones221,

Thanks for this, we definitely learned from this.
I hope you can appreciate that setting up a logistical system like this, involving multiple countries and organisations is very complicated, although you should of course never have become a victim of it. We’re already making process and shipping out faster with more streamlined communications, so we’re confident any future orders will be handled much more smoothly.

Finally, the shipment from California has arrived. Well it has been a bit of a pain, Jimmy Joy responded with a generous amount of extra product as recompense for the inconvenience. I’ve been talking about this stuff with a friend who has recently Had a wake up call regarding his health and weight, and is motivated to make a change in his diet and lifestyle. Because of the extra product, I’m able give him a few bags so he can give it a fair try and see if it works for him.

Maarten, I hope you have fixed your logistical SNAFU’s by now!

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