The product is great but the service is horrible

When I made my last order ETA was 5 days but after sending an email to customer care I find out it is 9 days or more (plus shipping). Let’s assume you are not lying about ETA and you had some unforeseen problems, if that’s the case I expect an email informing about shipping delay and all I got is silence from jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

Due to the nature of your product (food) I expect some consistency in shipping times and jimmyjoy-plennyshake always fails to deliver it.

This is the last order I place with you. I feel I’m being fooled and not been taken care of as a customer.


You are not the only one sadly :frowning:

It sounds like you had this happened more often than your last order. Just out of interest, since my general experience with jimmyjoy-plennyshake shipping times is different from yours, how often has this happened to you?

Total shipping times (preparing + shipping) is always ridiculous for this kind of product. Also this is happening to other customers, just take a look at the forum, there are plenty of threads like mine by unhappy customers.

Today is the 10th working day and my order hasn’t been shipped yet (ETA was 5 days).

Keep up the good work jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that, if you’re looking for direct support, you can email and we’ll get back to you within a day to let you know what the status of your order is.

Can’t have enough copies of this message on the forums! :open_mouth: :heart_decoration:
They should, like, invent a way to disp- Oh hey! Stickies!
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