ETA concerns - is it better now?

There’s been quite a lot of criticism - many customers seem to have received their order much later than expected.

Has the situation gotten any better?
I mean, if I order now, is it guaranteed that the package will be shipped within 5 days as the website suggests?

This is especially important to me because I’m planning to use jimmyjoy-plennyshake specifically during a trip in 3 weeks and it will be useless if I it doesn’t ship before I leave.

Are there perhaps any flavors that are out of stock and should not be ordered unless you have a lot of time?

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As far as I know (don’t get me wrong: I haven’t ordered from jimmyjoy-plennyshake for a looooong time), but as far as I know, jimmyjoy-plennyshake does take better care of the ETA input field as of lately. Also, they make products that are out of stock actually ‘out of stock’; making you unable to order them. And if you want to be really really sure: hit them an email at before ordering, and explain your situation! They will be able to tell you what’s possible and what’s not. :slight_smile:

Heads up: “the system” is not really going to work if everybody is going to send an email to CS, asking if “the site really is correct”. -.-’ Please, by default; believe in the almighty-ness of the website, until it’s proven to be consequently incorrect. They’ve revamped everything regarding ETA and OOS on the website just some time ago (thanks to you guys! I, for one, am really glad you guys did push them to fix that!), so let’s give website 2.0 a new try, shall we?

I ordered some on 16th and it has been shipped this morning.

When they say “5 working days”, they mean that it will ship after 5 working days. What the shipping company does after that, not sure. I would recommend sending them a letter…

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Cool, thanks a lot for your help.

Hi there!
Like @TheYsconator said, we take a lot better care of our ETA now, so the 5 business days is definitely correct! We’re packing in a whole lot of orders these days, so it might even ship out sooner than that :slight_smile:

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