Is shipping still delayed?

I’ll be running out of jimmyjoy-plennyshake in less than 2 weeks, so I was going to order some online because it’s actually easier for me than going to my local supplier, but I’ve been reading about the delays because of vanilla running out of stock.

If I ordered today or tomorrow, would my order get to Spain in two weeks?

I think it’s best to mail your question to, since the mail is meant for more direct customer support, and you’ll get a reply faster :slight_smile:


Vanilla has been in stock since a few days ago. Vegan has been out of stock for seven weeks.

Presumably now the system will tell you if a particular product is out of stock on the order page.

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Thanks @Sinthoras, I emailed them and I got an answer quickly :slight_smile:

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Whatever they said, don’t believe them. The site says 6 days at the moment for example, and after 12 days mine hasn’t even been sent out yet. 2 weeks is probably not going to happen for you

@lonyo and everyone else, the current ETA (7 business days) on the website actually is correct! When you order now, it should ship out within those days. We just received a huge shipment from one of our manufacturers which means we get to ship out a whole lot of orders within the following days, and our delays are getting less slowly and will probably be completely over within just a couple of weeks :tada: when these delays are totally over, we’ll ship out orders within one day again.

If you’ve got any more questions it’s indeed the quickest to email our customer support at, but you’re of course also welcome to ask here and I’ll get back to you as well.


I placed my order four days ago and it’s already been shipped, so no huge delay there :slight_smile:

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Package arrived this morning :grinning: It took 5 days, so it seems that the ETA isabel said is right :slight_smile:

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Yay! that’s great to hear.

I placed my order on 31.05(ETA was 7 days) but it took me two days until I was able to send the money out. The bank transfer took another two days(germany->netherlands). The next day the system told me my order was queued for packaging. Yesterday I got a mail with a tracking link and today the package arrived. So my package also did it within 5 days. :slight_smile: I’d also like to thank “Tom” from customer support who answered my emailed question about the bank transfer very kindly!

Yesterday the shipment state was “Shipped”, today it’s “Queued for packaging”. Caught in a time-loop? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply!

We changed the shipment state “shipped” to “queued for packaging” because we found that a lot clearer, so perhaps you ordered just around the time we changed the status update’s names! Have you received your order by now?