No shipment for over a month! No emails either

I placed an order only two days after you announced you’ll be giving away 2 bags of jimmyjoy-plennyshake Vegan with every order.
I ordered only Vegan. That was over a month ago!

Apart from a reply after I inquired, I didn’t get so much as an email since.
No explanation on why my order is delayed, let alone an ETA!

Another 3 weeks of silence have passed.
What is happening? This total lack of communication is unacceptable.
And yes, I still expect those 2 extra bags.


Heya, and welcome to the jimmyjoy-plennyshake forums. :slight_smile:

Having said that; there have been some problems with orders that included vanilla lately; did you have any vanilla in your order? (I think vegan had some problems as well?..) Scratch that; most orders have been a complete chaos lately, as well as the customer support*. Anyways, those problems should’ve been fixed by now, and communication with the CS team should be working just fine. There’s not much I can do for ya (apart from trying to cheer you up and check your status in the system), but feel free to let me (or @truck, never forget @truck) know what I (we) can do for ya. You’ll always be able to find people to talk with here, so, please, make good use of it. :slight_smile:

*Edit: not to blame to CS team for anything, of course. I know you are working you tails off, and I like you guys with all of my heart. :heart:

Apart from your question ‘what’s happening?’, could you tell me what your question really is, in, like, one sentence?

You could check what the current status of R288898225 is.
That would help.

Will do as we write. :slight_smile: Just a second… :slight_smile:

My best guess is, that the vegan in your order delayed some things. jimmyjoy-plennyshake is working on a system that allows people to know beforehand what products are going to delay orders, but they are not there yet… Many people find this frustrating, including myself, but “they’re working on it” will have to do for now. Isabel should be able to check out the current status of your order, and tell you what caused the delay.

Edit: I’m terribly sorry, but I’ll be going to bed now. I’ll be hanging around again tomorrow! :slight_smile: (Sleep tight)

Any news here on what the actual ETA of my order is?
Last I heard was “we’re out of vegan” and “sorry for the lack of communication” on April 29th.
It seems as if you have to have a close look at the configuration of your order management system, as “queued for packaging” when there isn’t anything available to package is definitely not “shipped” and a delay of over a month probably doesn’t deserve a green status. :smile:


“Date completed: April 09”

@markus: What date did you submit your order? (Your original post just says “over a month ago!”) April 9 would make it 44 days, but that’s assuming you ordered April 9. Did you order earlier?

Nope, that’s the order date/time.

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I don’t know if jimmyjoy-plennyshake uses other systems/ software for order management, but this is the only screen I can view about a specific order, and I posted it just to show you that it’s quite confusing… Anyway; Isabel does know how to read them magikz* from that screen (or other screens, perhaps), so sending an email to is the only thing I can suggest you to do. But you’ve read that before, of course. :frowning: (Still the best thing to do!)

*Wizards and witches at jimmyjoy-plennyshake confirmed.

If it’s any consolation, my order got shipped today.

First I waited for a while until vanilla was available again. Then I ordered on the 11th of May as it was back in stock.
The order shipped today, 2 weeks later. We all know there have been some problems at jimmyjoy-plennyshake recently with shipments and availability of the product.

So seeing my order shipped does mean things are moving (again). Keep the faith.


Hi @markus!
Like @TheYsconator said, we’re indeed working on informing customers about issues like these sooner. Unfortunately, vegan is out of stock and it’s going to take up to two weeks or so for it to be back. We can of course change your order though so we can ship it out immediately. Just email us at if you would like us to do so or if you’ve got any other questions regarding your order!

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