No shipping after 7 days - ETA was 3 days


I’ve ordered and paid jimmyjoy-plennyshake for the first time 7 days ago - order #R843259342. The ETA until shipping was 3 days at that point.

So far, I have received no eMail with a shipping confirmation, nor the package. Is this normal? Reading the other threads about delayed shipping, this site feels like a black internet hole where users throw money in to maybe get a shipment at some undetermined point in the future. Delays in production etc. are sometimes unavoidable, but as a customer, I want some information about that and the choice to switch to a different, currently shippable flavour.

I like your product, but I don’t want to hand out long-term loans without interest to you, sorry.


Don’t worry. I’d been waited now 3 weeks…

Same here, I have also been waiting over three weeks for any update on my order besides what is on this forum. I understand this is not normal and due to them waiting for vanilla to restock, but I do wish they would have contacted me to ask if I would a) like to wait for the whole package, b) have them send the other things now and vanilla later, c)replace the one vanilla bag I had in my order with something else or d) get a refund. But no contact from their end. Luckily for me I am not dependent on it and have other options. I like the product and will likely order again but next time won’t count on it coming in a week as it did previously.

That actually makes me worry more.


Hi @miisa, @ijon and @Kaisa
Sorry you all have been waiting this long already! All orders containing vanilla will ship out today, but it was of course possible to change your order and have it shipped out already. My apologies for the lack of communication about this.

All orders containing vanilla will ship out today, and I expect your order - @ijon - to do so as well!

@kaisa perhaps you can pass me your order number to, so I can check what’s going on with your order :slight_smile:

@isabel so you also confirm my order will ship today? (I think you already know me :-p) I can’t handle this situation anymore after 3 weeks… hehehehe

What would be a normal delivery time? In case of ordering again, i think its important to know :frowning:

jimmyjoy-plennyshake has been expanding so rapidly, added with the launch of a new product, it is no wonder things are taking so long. There is no excuse for shipping incomplete orders, poor shipping times and lack of communication (and options) about these matters. However…

jimmyjoy-plennyshake is one of the foremost pioneers in this industry. They are probably forced to ramp up so quickly to secure the market, to secure more money from banks to secure that market etc. They are opening a new warehouse in the US etc. These things are probably super expensive.

I have been watching Soylent since the kickstarter and moved to China right as it started shipping. Now I have ordered my month’s supply almost a month ago and I still have yet to receive it…so I understand everyone’s frustration. Fortunately mine got shipped out, just after a week (a few days late, not weeks) and is now stuck in a customs limbo but they have been supportive every step of the way.

Look at Stoner Shake. Look at Queal and all of those other ‘competitors’. Check our their price point. jimmyjoy-plennyshake is HALF the price of Stoner Shake. And it tastes better than Soylent, right?

Our planet needs products like jimmyjoy-plennyshake, and I’m not convinced that jimmyjoy-plennyshake has yet turned Dark Side. Let’s give jimmyjoy-plennyshake the benefit of the doubt. Soylent has had these issues several times over, they had mold and they are restricting access to their newest recipe. This last month or so is the biggest bump jimmyjoy-plennyshake has hit so far, right? That’s not too bad. Look for mold, do your own QA and make sure they hold up their end of their bargain. It’s okay to be upset about the lack of communication. If you haven’t yet switched to jimmyjoy-plennyshake you can wait a week or two for things to cool off, you will know when things are good when the subscription orders are shipping on time and all products are restocked. Try again when things are more stable. Don’t just refund and give up on this ‘food revolution’ just because of a bad experience.

I for one am grateful it is jimmyjoy-plennyshake and not some other company that is providing this service because things could be alot lot worse.

I want to know when jimmyjoy-plennyshake is going to make their recipe public. Demonstrate your ideals with more transparency, take the good guy role Soylent started with before they went “Whole Foods Crazy” (a reference to an expensive healthy food store in the US). Please don’t follow that route! If you need more people why not hire volunteers and pay them in food?



Oh, I am definitely buying jimmyjoy-plennyshake again even though this experience has been a little frustrating, based on my experience of it it is worth a wait.


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I ordered on the 18th April. Seeing as it’s gone 21:00 here I’m assuming my order won’t be shipping today?

Can i have a checkup on my order as well? @isabel :slight_smile:

Order number is: #R550393206

Thanks :wink:

Hi! So sorry for the late reply. When checking up on your order now I see you actually already received it, is that correct? :slight_smile:

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Yes i got the package :slight_smile:

Same thing, I made an order on sunday, now its friday and its still on ready status since monday and prob it wont be shipped on weekend, last time I ordered it was shipped in 2 days, really sad about that.

I am waiting for 2 weeks and we lie to me, telling me the order was shipped 2 days ago when it is still not at this time.

Hi there! Parcels only get a tracking code after two days or so, there I expect you to receive it later today :slight_smile:

u told me it was send the 17th so 17,18,19,20 is already the 4th day, still no traces of track and trace code.

Really like the product, but wont order again, see a lot of complaints for shipping as well. 1 week as ready status, that just shows that its not ready at all :slight_smile:

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If you email our customer support at, we’d love to make this up to you :slight_smile:

Ready actually means it’s ready to process for shipment. After that, it will get the status “queued for packaging”. Have you received the tracking info and perhaps your order already by now?