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So no more jimmyjoy-plennyshake vegan until May, why isn’t that in your blog ? What about the regular jimmyjoy-plennyshake? Why was I told my order would ship by Monday, yet here we are on Thursday and nobody has told me why my order hasn’t shipped?

I spent 281 euros, plus whatever taxes (estimated to be 30-40%) for a single month of food. Does that even mean anything to you? I am new customer, so I don’t know if this behaviour is the norm but shouldn’t you be trying extra hard to make a good first impression?. I have been following Soylent for a couple years and I have read about their supply problems, mold problems, problems with expiration dates. I can’t trust them. If you can’t be honest about my food then how can I trust you any better?

It has been 7 days, it should have been been shipped by the 18th and I should have it by the 25. But now that isn’t going to happen.

I want my food.

I am honestly really disappointed. I thought you were somehow morally better than Rosa Labs. The fact that you would be giving away vegan jimmyjoy-plennyshake one week because you have too much and it is getting old and the next week telling a loyal customer that he will be going an entire month before you can refill his order is just ridiculous. What if that were to happen to me?

I want my food.

I hate being the ugly American but I also hate businesses which talk about love and hide their profiteering with empty platitudes while all the time intentionally misleading people…

I want my food and if you can’t ship it with 12 hours I am going to cancel my order. It shouldn’t be a problem since it is “ready”, right?

I normally don’t go straight to the forums but you didn’t respond during business hours yesterday nor did you notify me about your inability to meet the set expectations…



Hi @Shawn!

I just responded to your other forum post as well. I completely agree that the wait is not okay and we are doing our best to have this sorted!

I see that you are now in contact with our customer service. You should also have received your tracking code via e-mail. Is this correct?

Hello Olivia! I did receive those tracking codes and look forward to those jimmyjoy-plennyshake farts coming up in the next week :smiley:

Yes! It should be here by the 26th ! I am looking forward to those jimmyjoy-plennyshake farts :blush:

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