No shipment or info


I ordered on May 14th, R274865523 is the order number.

I made sure not to order vanilla since I checked the forum before ordering.

Can you please tell me what is the situation and when can I expect my order?


I guess you already tried to contact them via email?

If you notice they are having troubles shipping most orders in the last month due to shortage of the prime material from their supplier. Of course, at list a reply to an email is expected. Note that they might be taking 1-2 days to reply to your email.

On a different note, I would have ordered from some other vendor while jimmyjoy-plennyshake sorts this out. Hopefully by the time I need to place a second order they return to a more “normal” phase.


I ordered on the 9th, and received my order 2 weeks later. I also didn’t order vanilla, but I think, due to all the delayed orders with vanilla, it still takes some time. My best guess is, based on how long my order took, you’ll receive it at the end of the week or next Monday.

That’s just guesstimating though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I made an order on the 16th and it’s not shipped either.

Hi everyone! Vanilla has been back in stock for a while now so you can just order that flavour :slight_smile: our system has improved, which makes sure products that are out of stock are not in our webshop anymore.

Please email us at if you want to receive more info on the status of your order!