Fulfillment times and "We're going to work on this and ship it out to you ASAP."

Hi Isabel et al,

I’ve been a customer from the beginning and think its probably about time you’re a little more transparent. The site says:

ETA: 3 business days + shipping

You know, we know, everyone but new customers know this is bull. Clearly your warehouse are operating at a 1wk(5wking days) pace, which tbh is pretty slow considering you’re managing less than 20 SKUs and they arent perishable or time sensitive.

11 July Shipped 18th July
9 May Shipped 18th May (Albeit new product)
27 Aug Shipped 5th September

Why not give an honest estimate, or just improve fulfillment like your competitors have managed?


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Uhh, that is the estimate when buying a product, and it seems to change every day. I had times where they had ETA 6 business days, and they shipped 7 business days later (not including weekend, mind you). So, the ETA is quite accurate.


I’m going to have to disagree with that statement. I placed an order on July 16th, and the shipping status of my order today (July 27th) reads “ready,” as it has for the past week.

I’ve heard only good things about the product itself, but if shipping times like this are as common as they seem to be according to the forums, I will have to go with another company that can send out shipments steadily.

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Then I would say “send them a message”. I order on time, pay by creditcard/paypal, and never had issues with them. Don’t know what you are ordering, or if you are ordering something special, but for me the ETA always seems to be spot on.

I’ve been ordering since 2014, its been consistently off and slow.

Even if ETAs were right jimmyjoy-plennyshakes fulfillment is 5x slower than one of the main competitors. Probably the biggest con for them at the moment which is why I raise it.


I have “sent them a message” twice already. First one was last week where I was told that it would ship before the weekend. Second time was yesterday, which they replied to just saying that it would “ship soon.”

Please look around the forums if you haven’t already and realize that this is by no means an isolated instance. They need to work on their logistics, and that is simply a fact.

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I do look around on the forums, and I do notice that there is an issue. However, what I don’t know is why my shipments go as expected, and yours have some pretty crazy backlog. Am I only ordering stuff that never runs out, or am I ordering in such huge quantities that I get priority over others? I will never know.

What I do know is that with startups that grow this big so fast, they will encounter issues with the shipping department. Either because they run faster out of stuff than they can ship, or they cannot simply produce enough to cope with demand. And that seems always be the biggest issue for people to go to the competitor: Long lead times due to increased demand and growth issues (you can only pack a certain amount of stuff per day).

So, I can only assume that they are either having a massive backlog, or your ticket is put on hold because of a special demand. Or the packaging machine picked a fight with them and started misbehaving… You will never know.

Hi everyone! You’re right we’ve had a lot of issues regarding our logistics and therefore shipping. Our ETA has been accurate for the past few weeks for sure. If your order was shipped later than expected, please send an email to love@jimmyjoy.com so we can check what might’ve gone wrong and make it up to you! Also, we have recently started working with a new stock manager and system which should prevent these issues from ever occurring again. You for example now get a notification already beforehand when ordering a product that is out of stock, instead of having to wait after ordering (like before). We’re trying to improve our logistics, shipping and service with changes like these. We hope you understand, and our apologies again for the delays and lack of clarities before!

The site now says:

ETA: 2 business days + shipping

I’d go back to what @jimmyjoy-plennyshakeChugger suggests in the original post.

You say that [quote=“isabel, post:8, topic:868”]
Our ETA has been accurate for the past few weeks for sure.

But judging from the forum, that’s not yet the case. Yet somehow you’ve downsized the ETA from “3 business days” to “2 business days” in just the last ten days.

If you just change the website language to “5 business days” (or whatever the real ETA is), it seems shipping delay complaints would be reduced to almost none.


first time poster here (and soon first time using soylent :open_mouth: )

Ordered on 2016/07/20
Date Status Payment State Shipment State
2016-07-20 Complete Paid Ready To Ship

Info on TrackYourParcel
28/07/2016 17:08 Ready to Ship
29/07/2016 16:43 Shipped

Info on distributor website
28/07/2016 18:24 Confirmation of preparation of the shipment received
01/08/2016 18:28 Your item has been sorted
02/08/2016 07:49 Item in distribution phase -> should arrive today

so all in all around 2 weeks which isn’t that bad.

Isabel thats all PR speak and total bull tbh. I’ve two years worth of orders, you’ve never been near that. Last order was 3wks ago and was also over promised.

I dont really care that you’re slow, its not fresh caviar, just be honest.


Hello. I live in Sweden and I actually got my order 3 days after I ordered (this was last week). I was surprised and happy since I had read these kinds of comments about long shipping time on the forum.

Hello, New customer here. I was happy to see that eta was 3 working days + shipment, but I ordered Last tuesday, and my order is still on “queued for packaging statement” so now im à bit disapointed cause I was counting on it for my hollidays. I home its shipped very soon. I live in France.

I wouldn’t be too eager. I ordered my stuff on July 16th (3 weeks ago), and I’ve yet to have the package nor a tracking number for that matter despite a few emails.

In my experience the ETA has a margin of error of a couple of days. I’ve never had an order that was delayed more than this. I placed my order last Sunday, they packaged it Thursday (4 days instead of the ETA of 3 days), and it arrived Saturday. The account page is pretty useless as it tends to say “Queued For Packaging” a day before it gets sent out and for several days after it is delivered. The emails with tracking numbers tend to get sent on the same day that the package is passed to the distributor. I know this because I’ve subscribed directly to the distributor separately.

tl;dr If you don’t receive a tracking email at most two days after the ETA, then email support, because something went wrong.

tl;dr tl;dr jimmyjoy-plennyshake is not Amazon Prime, but it also isn’t a billion dollar company with its own space shuttles.
…That wasn’t much shorter.

That scare me à bit cause in my account it says shipped but I never received any mail with the tracking number

it’s not amazon prime but a competitor can ship their powder within hours of ordering and if you live in the same country it arrives the following morning.

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Check whether you entered the right email address and your junk folder. Otherwise harass ask support politely for a tracking number.

To my knowledge there is only one competitor (begins with an S) that ships in volumes comparable to jimmyjoy-plennyshake - and they were infamous for delays that were several months long. I’d say 2-5 days is pretty alright in comparison.
That being said, jimmyjoy-plennyshake should definitely strive for same-day shipping. And not fucking up deliveries - that would be real nice too. Though I can’t say I’ve experienced it myself.

3 weeks is definitely way too long - our apologies! Please do note that this might also be because of long shipping times, or if you have ordered a product that was out of stock for example. You should have been notified about that though when ordering. If you pass me your order number here or through love@jimmyjoy.com, we can check what went wrong with your order and make this long wait up to you.

I’m so sorry to hear that :pensive: you should have definitely received your tracking code and actually your order as well already! Please also pass your order number to love@jimmyjoy.com, so we can have a further look into what’s going on.