ETA is a lie, 13days system "should be" applied but it isn't

I think it’s unacceptable for a society to voluntary lie to a customer about the status of his order, and no commercial gift or whatever to make it up, just a simple " we have ure money, gtfo, wait or ask for refund" nothing else.
Without explaining the therms about the refund, and if the refund fucked up too, that can take like forever for nothing.
I guess that i even not started jimmyjoy-plennyshake that i go out to an another company it is not ever acceptable to this to customers !

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"3) We will carry out the orders as quickly as possible, and in any case
within thirty days, unless we have agreed otherwise. If there’s a delay
in your order, or an order can only be partially executed, or a fire
hurricane is eating our planet, then you will also hear that within
thirty days. You will be able to cancel your order, and are entitled to
any damages. Not for damages caused by the fire hurricane, of course.
That crazy storm is not our fault."
5) If we cannot deliver a product ordered, we will do our best to
provide a replacement item. You will be notified that it’s a replacement
item you’re getting, so if we deliver a living ostrich instead of a box
of jimmyjoy-plennyshake, we will clearly say: this is a living ostrich, not a box of
jimmyjoy-plennyshake. If you get a replacement item, you can return the order if you
want. The delivery costs are for us. (Even though it’s really not cheap
to transport live ostriches.)

this is our right, who are not applied btw

One month today!

Is that also “got shipped yesterday” ? :smiley:

@haeresis @comedurme so sorry we kept you waiting this long already and my apologies for the lack of clarity! Unfortunately parcels only receive a tracking code when they’re scanned at the delivery, so this can take up to a day or two.

We of course want to make this delays up to you guys. If you email us at again, I’m sure we’ll find a fitting solution :slight_smile:

u told me it was already send the 17th so 2 days are already gone, at some point u re trying to tell whatever is arranging u
still no track and trace code still no update on jimmyjoy-plennyshake status as shown at 14: 22

And if u wanted me to feel like u were trying, u could have at less send the package in express at ure own fees, or making a commercial offer for a next order or anything. I’m working at some point with money and customers, and never ever i could do that, and call myself a “professional”. I already even paid mistakes from my pocket, when my society was not in cause.

@haeresis unfortunately we can’t expedite orders and their shipment, because that would not be fair for other customers. We of course would like to make this up to you by providing you with a discount on your next order for example! If you email us at, we can find a fitting solution.

still the fact that i don’t have track and trace code and u told me it was send on the 17th, after ure telling me that the delivery society makes two days to give code, kk but 17;18;19;20 is 4 days, still waiting for that before going any further with u.

I just got my tracking info, good luck!

Like mentioned before, please email us at so we can make this long wait up to you!