Ordered 6 days ago and still hasn't been shipped?!?

Usually you guys are really good when it comes to shipping out orders in a timely matter… I’ve ordered MANY times and it; usually comes 2-3 days after I place my order.

it’s been almost a week since I have placed my order and I have yet to even receive an email that my order is being shipped out…

Can I please get an update on ORDER #R67213185US|

Hello, has there been any update? Or can I get an email address to email directly?

love@jimmyjoy.com Pretty sure is the best way to go. If in doubt check their website for the customer service email. they are pretty good at answering on weekdays

Hey Tim,

Thank you LatestFuels, for customer support it is best to email us.

I’ve emailed directly, and used the website’s customer service messaging system and yet to receive an update for my order or message about my order.

I believe it’s been 8 days since I’ve placed it and yet to receive any form of communication about the status of my order.

I’ve ordered from you guys many times and usually there is no problem, but this time has been a horrible experience. I hate being that “angry customer” as I deal with it all the time at my work but this has been very frustrating as I rely on Jimmyjoy to maintain my weight.

Hey Tim,

Ah I see. That is very strange to me because we answer all our emails every workday so that customers do not wait longer than 24 hours. Would you be so kind to send the original email to joey@jimmyjoy.com so I can look into the issue.

I finally got an automated email saying that my shipment is shipped,

I’m just disappointed, it’s almost been two weeks and I still haven’t gotten my package, and now the ETA is saying Feb 4… if it always takes this long to deliver then I don’t think I can order from you guys anymore which is disappointing because I have been using jimmy joy for quite some time now-- usually I get my package in less than 4 days.

I would have went with another brand if I knew it was going to take this long. I honestly feel scammed… 15 days to deliver a package… just ridiculous.

Hey Timothy,

We were a little low on stock in our US warehouse, sorry about that. It’s fixed now as you probably noticed.
You got your parcel, right?

Both my colleague Tim and I answered your emails both the 28th and the 29th, maybe they landed in your spam?

I’ve sent you another email, could you please check it?