How long until my order ships?

I ordered it on the 12th and tracking only says the shipping information has been received. Has it not left London yet? That is where I think it is, I would expect it to have at least left London by now, it is a week later and nothing has changed…is this normal?

Your shipment should’ve definitely been delivered already, as shipping to the UK usually only takes for a few days! Could you send us an email at with your order number, so we can check up on your order?

Same issue here, waiting since the 11th. E-Mail sent.

I have the same issue. Ordered on 11th, Still waiting. I think this was my last order. Found an alternative to Jimmy Joy. Btw. i live in Germany.

DHL unfortunately had some issues shipping our orders recently, which is why it’s taking longer that it should :pensive: your order should get delivered within the following days though!

got it on the 20th, thanks