Deliveries not arriving

Hi, Imhave 2 deliveries to the UK which never arrived. The orders say that they were fulfilled. Over a hundred euros out of pocket.

Hi @haldor! We’ve been having some issues with the deliveries to the UK due to the Brexit. Our shipping partners have been working to fix all the new issues that had come due to the customs house requirements. We have sent emails to all our UK customers to inform them about the inconvenience. We are very sorry about that!

Please, if you have any request about your orders, send us a mail to so we can talk about them :slight_smile:

Hi, have any UK customers received their order yet since Feb?

Yes received mine last week

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Mine shipped on the 1st of Feb and hasn’t gone anywhere since it cleared Dutch customs on the 2nd… So things are going slow. Pre Brexit fresh plenny would be in my mouth within 4 days of shipping.

I ordered on the 22nd Jan - or thereabouts - no idea when or if it’s been shipped. I don’t know what to do…

Well that’s good news at least!

Contact ask when your order might ship. They’re pretty friendly.
To be clear, my order was from January 7th, so it took a while until they were confident enough in their shipping partner to start clearing the backlog.

Hi @ribs105 ! Did you contact to have an update on your order?

Hi, I did, think I’ve been emailing you. I have a refund now, but am happy to re order - your website doesn’t mention any issues shipping to the Uk?

@ribs105 We don’t have any information on the website because it has been promised to us that the issue will be solved the following day and we did believe it! We wanted to keep on shipping to the UK as before but the current situation hasn’t allowed us to do it :frowning:
Now we are manually processing all the UK orders and shipping as soon as possible :star_struck:

Okay, I’m going to order again, because let me tell you, I am not enjoying trying the competitors… :joy:

And received! Phew! Glad that it is sorted.