UK Delivery times post Brexit

Since my last order in January, which I had to cancel eventually after four weeks of NO delivery, I’ve not ordered from you. But I’d like to come back. So what’s the current delivery time to UK please? Really.

My order took five days to reach the UK but it’s now been bounced back for some reason. So possibly if your order gets through it won’t take that long but seems there’s still a chance it won’t even make it.

Yep my last three orders have been returned.
I’m hoping JJ gets to the bottom of this as it must be costing them a lot to keep shipping them out.
I can’t understand why this happens.

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Hey James! Welcome to the forum :green_heart:

We understand the frustration from our customers because it has been a nightmare for us! we are working with our shipping partners to update all the new requirements appearing from time to time. Most of the orders are being successfully delivered to our customers in the UK so we need to a last fix to manage to deliver without any inconvenience :muscle:t4:

Hello, i have question. I want to make first order, and i live in UK.

How deliveries are going on now? Are there still problems with them?


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My last months order took 2-3 days :slight_smile:
Keep the order value under £130 to avoid customs charges


Hi @alsa!

Welcome to the family in that case :wink:

As you can read below, we have made progress with the shipping of our products to the UK post-Brexit.
We have switched shipping partners and are happy to see the positive results of that. Currently, you should calculate some delays into the timeframe due to the heavy traffic in this period, but overall, your order should arrive within the week.

As said by @Himesh , take into account possible additional handling/custom fees when the order is above 135,- GBP or the Euro equivalent of that. Below that amount, we paid the tax on it and no additional costs should be charged by the local customs office.

We’re also available through Live Chat or via email on if you ever would need to contact us directly, never hesitate.

Looking forward to seeing your feedback when you’ve ordered and received your first one, enjoy!


i still have few bags of huel i want to finish first and then i wanted order plenny to check what is it like so it’s going to be probably after New Year :slight_smile: anyway

i will ask another question here - will my welcome discount still work if i will delay ordering?

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The H-word :smiley: no of course no rush, we’ll be here waiting with open arms.
Just get in touch with us through the Chat or email when you are ordering and we’ll sort that out with you, no problem.

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Absolute disaster for me at least. Been waiting for my order, supposedly dispatched on the 4th.

Carriers say they don’t have it because JJ has not given them the package.

What gives? How on Earth can one week elapse before the carrier receives the package from the sender??

Hi @crasfonts,

Thanks for the post and apologies for any delays of course.
Did you already check in with us through the Live Chat or via so we can have a look for you at the status?
If not, please do so, so we can check with your account details for the specific shipment.