UK Custom & VAT Charges?

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I’ve ordered two shipments of Plenny before Brexit and just started a subscription but I’m reading some really worrying things about charges being imposed upon customers by DHL/DPD before packages are being delivered.

Apparently, thanks to Brexit, if we order something from Europe, you won’t charge us VAT at point of sale, instead, the couriers will be collecting it on behalf of the UK government in addition to customs and excise duties.

In some cases, this has resulted in customers buying from Europe paying 50% on top of the original price they paid.

As my next subscription delivery is approaching soon, I’d like to know if I’ll be subject to these massive price hikes?

If so, I’ll have to cancel my subscription because I can’t afford to pay 50% on top of the subscription price.

The only way to avoid this is if Jimmy Joy have storage facility in the UK. Otherwise I’m not aware of how you can legally avoid import charges.

It’s such a grey area as to what items attract import duties and which don’t.

I’m hoping Jimmy Joy can shed more light on this.

foreign businesses must register for UK vat accounts and vat is to be collected at point of sale, not by the mail/courier, so you shouldn’t get hit by any bills.

The UK and EU have already agreed to no tariffs on goods between them.

Is vat even charged on food like Jimmy Joy here in the UK?

Food is a zero rated VAT item, including on imports, provided it’s been classed correctly on the shipment documentation.

Customs duty is required to be paid on items over £135 (total cost, not just item value) no matter the item.

The one you need to worry about is the ‘handling fee’ which many of the delivery companies have been slapping on before delivery to cover their excess brexit import costs. The seller has no control over this other than negotiating with their shipping vendors to make sure they either don’t apply them or allow the costs to be provided transparently at checkout rather than delivery.

Hi, I’m just wondering about shipping. My latest order has so far been delayed by over a week. Any movement yet?

@ribs105 We’ve been shipping out UK orders since this week, it took a long time to get the brexit issues fixed - sorry for the lack of communication about that!

But everything seems to be going okay now :smiley: Send us an email at if you still haven’t received any updates on your order and we’ll sort it out ASAP :slight_smile:

Hi, obviously things aren’t okay now. And I really don’t want to cancel my order, but I will have to look elsewhere if you can’t sort it. The latest email said that you’ve been told it’s sorted in a couple of days… is this something you can guarantee?

Unfortunately we ran into more problems and it’s still not entirely fixed… I’m afraid we cannot guarantee anything at the moment - so sorry!

If you’d like to cancel the order please let us know.

I wish there was more we could do right now!

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