UK PSA: Shipping is NOT free on orders over £135

If you are in the UK do not set up an order or continue your subscription above £135! I just got asked to pay a £50 import fee by UPS when my regular subscription was being delivered because my order was above this. I obviously returned the package and am now making my subscription smaller but more regular.

I think this should perhaps be warned somewhere prominently when ordering - I don’t think anyone would pay an import fee that large without warning! After all simply keeping the purchases below this amount can (apparently) save a nasty surprise.

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Thanks for your post informing the rest of the community of this, @Folksriker!

Just to be complete, this has nothing to do with the shipping costs to the UK, which are free above the 99,- GBP. The charge applied is a customs fee, and is completely out of our control.

We have this mentioned on the Shipping Cost page on our website. Shipping Costs – Jimmy Joy

It is stated indeed that these costs will only be applied for orders above the 135,- GBP mark, so adjusting the order amount accordingly will avoid these extra charges.

Bottom line in this case is these charges are completely out of our control and when ordering from abroad, everyone should be informed on possible charges for their country when ordering.

I am glad we will be able to sort it through a return for you and happy to see the adjustment you made to your subscription in order to avoid these going forward.

If there’s any specific questions on this, feel free to check in with us on our Live Chat or through and we’ll gladly look into it.



Thank you for all your help with this Daniel and sorry for getting the terminology wrong in the title, I meant that to get the delivery was not free rather than shipping I guess

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No need to apologize at all @Folksriker!
My pleasure to assist.

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Did you vote yes on Brexit?

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No, I didn’t (…)

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