Shipping to UK

Hi, I read on another post that as long as the order is less that £135 (GBP) customs will not stop the package for tax. Is that still the case?
I’d like to know before I make my first order.


Hi @Himesh ! Thanks for your question.

As per our shipping costs page for the UK:

"When ordering from countries outside the European Union customs territory and VAT area you may be charged with extra import or customs taxes.
For the UK this means orders that exceed the value of 135 GBP (or € equivalent) will be subject to extra import duties"

For the VAT , that’s correct. There is still the possibility of handling fees that could be applied depending on the local customs office. Unfortunately, we have no control on this execution of those, so for more information we would have to forward you to them.

If you ever run into anything specific to your order on this part, please feel free to check in with us through the Live Chat or via so we can have a look at the situation and sort it where possible.


Thank you. Hopefully it will be ok.
I’ll post back with my experience and if I get additional charges

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After getting hit with (over £50 of) fees on an over £135 order, I reduced my subscription to about £130 and simply got it more regularly instead, never had any problems since. JJ support were (as always) very helpful and I ended up getting a refund since this was when the fees were first introduced and nobody expected them


Thanks Folksriker.

I placed an order last Wednesday valued at just over £100 (one if each flavour of shake). Received last Friday, no issue and no delay