I just got hit with £91 import fees on a £112 order to the UK!

I really can’t pay this. Can I refuse shipment? I don’t know what to do, so please advise.

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You don’t have to pay it, but if you don’t pay then they obviously won’t deliver. I’d recommend explaining the situation to support using the live chat feature on the main Jimmy Joy website - when this happened to me they refunded me. However it is very unusual to have such a charge on an order below £135 - perhaps you could also query UPS as to why they are charging this fee?

Edit: Did this order include Plenny Drinks? I seem to remember that they mentioned that the drinks are some kind of different category and may cause customs problems. I would stick with dry powder/bars/pots for importing to be honest with you.

Thanks for the post, if I am correct, we are already looking into this one for you.
There’s been a technical issue which has resulted in incorrect costs being applied for shipments that were broken up into multiple parcels, but that was not the case for this one. We are awaiting the response from UPS on this case specifically as there was no error made on our end that could incur these costs.

With these, if there’s anyone reading this that has a similar issue, it is best to contact us through the Live Chat on the website or via love@jimmyjoy.com so we can follow up on the specific case right away.


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So I’m stopping by here just to wrap up this issue and say how it was or wasn’t resolved. I want to say one good thing and one bad thing about this issue. and the service.

Daniel stepped in after I contacted their team, and and contacted their shipper. I can tell by following the email chain that the Jimmy Joy team was pretty proactive in trying to sort out the problem. Unfortunately, this did not mean that it was easy to get UPS to sort it out (it wasn’t). Over the course of a month, UPS kept the package, and their delivery service tried to deliver it multiple times to my residence, asking me for the fee each time. Their office seemed completely unaware that this fee was mistakenly applied.

After a month and a week or two, I said enough was enough, and I asked Daniel for a refund. He issued it right away and that was that.

So the good: Jimmy Joy tried their best to sort it out (unsuccessfully). They issued a refund when I asked.

The bad: I didn’t really like being kept on hold for a month, and anybody who receives deliveries on a busy work schedule knows how much of a pain this whole process is. I do feel that despite their efforts, the Jimmy Joy team should have stepped in earlier to offer me a refund or to do something to make it up. This intersected with the Christmas period, so I know it was doubly difficult.

It’s not nice to get a bill of £91 for a £112 order!

It’s not their fault, but kudos for trying to help.

The future: Daniel assures me that this seems to be a completely exceptional case, and it should be safe to order to the UK while remaining under the £135 charge. Fair enough.

For sure one of the more intriguing cases I have had to deal with and it’s perfectly stated above.
We shipped out the order with incorrect customs information, this issue is now sorted so should not be happening again with any order to the UK.

The request for the refund is a very understandable one after this period, and I apologize for not having offered this option for you before you had to request it from me. We were on it like Pitbull’s and wanted to get this straightened out correctly, but it took far longer than we all could have anticipated in this case.

If anyone reading this, is running into something similar, please get in touch through the Live Chat or love@jimmyjoy.com to have it sorted accordingly. But as said, we do not expect any issue like this happening ever again.

Thank you very much for bearing with us through it @phario, your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.

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