Jimmy Joy and VOEC


I live in Norway, so I’m always mentally prepared to pay the horrid and (imo) unnecessarily high fees when importing products. In addition to the usual suspects (VAT/taxes), we have to pay a $35 processing fee to the postal office that handles our packages - unless the seller is VOEC registered.

The first time I ordered JJ, I had to pay around $75 for a ≈$120 order at pickup. $35 of those being the aforementioned fee. That money could’ve gotten me 2 additional bags of the Plenny shake :confused:

I’m just wondering if JJ has considered getting VOEC registered. I’d love to be able to set up a subscription or purchase more JJ products without getting flipped off every time I pick up a package lol. However, I do realise that jumping through these hoops just to appeal to a single government’s silly regulations isn’t all that lucrative to any smaller companies.

Thanks for raising this @stz !
I’ve been checking about this with our supply chain manager and it will be picked up internally. As far as I could understand, the reason it is not there already was technical, but it will be looked into by the relevant people.
If I hear more about this, I will update it here as well of course.

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