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Shipping to Norway


Why is shipping to norway so expensive at 35 euros? Is there any cheaper ways of transport available?



If you decide to order to Norway, you should now that the shipping isn’t the most expensive part. The VAT and tolls are way worse. I live in Norway as well(Hei!), and have been buying Jimmy joy on and off for a couple of years now. I first tried it when I lived in England for a year, but I had to cut down when I moved back to Norway as it was too expensiv.

To order it to Norway you have to pay an additional 15% VAT, and about 30 NOK per kg in tolls, so you should expect to pay at least 30% more for plenny shakes in tolls and vat. In addition you have to pay over 300NOK per box for the custom clearance. I ended up paying almost 50% of the value in taxes and shipping last time I orderd it to Norway.

What I’m planing to do now though, is to order a big batch to Sweden on black friday, and drive down and pick it up. You can order directly to some post offices in Sweden, without any extra carge and pick it up within a month, and bring a value of up to 3000 Nok(6000 if you stay for more than 24 hours) without paying taxes. I’m planing on ordering it to strømstad and drive down from Oslo.

But anyways, back to your question. I guess the shipping has to be that expensiv to Norway as we’re not a part of the EU, and there are probably some different rules and what not. I guees the only thing to do is to order in big quantities when you first order. And when you think about in, 50 euros for 20 kg from the netherland to norway isn’t to much, as it costs 145 nok to ship 2 kg within Norway.



Hey Sigurd,
thanks for being our customer. That is probably indeed the best way to go. We hope to have local fulfilment someday in Norway.