€30 shipping to USA?

I wanted to try Plenny Shake as it looks like I’d like it better than Soylent but when I tried to order 4 bags to see how I liked the flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or cappuccino) it said my shipping would be €30? That’s more than the order. I know you get free shipping on orders over $50 but it seems excessive to charge €30 to ship 4 little bags. I want to try plenny shake but I’m not willing to pay more on shipping than the product costs or buy $50 worth of something I don’t even know if I’ll like.

Why is shipping to the US so expensive? I’ve seen it way cheaper elsewhere.

Hi Snoberry!

Great to hear you’re interested in trying our products, that’s awesome :slight_smile: I totally get your point, but unfortunately shipping to the US is simply very expensive for us. In fact, we’re already paying a huge chunk of it of our own pocket to be able to ship it for €30, which is why we’re giving discounts on larger orders.

We’re looking into lowering the shipping costs, but unfortunately for now there’s really not a lot we can do.

Hope this explains it a little:slight_smile:
Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!