Shipping to Canada? Vegan stock?

Hey guys- I’m here from Canada, Alberta and after spending months researching different alternatives to Soylent, I decided I really want to try jimmyjoy-plennyshake Vegan to help with weight loss.

I want to try one of each flavor to start, but the shipping makes it way too expensive for me right now.

I have been waiting to hear more about the US warehouse and was wondering what I might be looking at for shipping estimates. I’m assuming the free shipping over 25 euros is for USA only. Also, will jimmyjoy-plennyshake Vegan be on your USA shopping page soon?

Thanks for your time!

It’s been over a month since I posted this and nothing? I still really, really want to try jimmyjoy-plennyshake. Any updates on if Canada and US shipping prices might go down?