US Warehouse questions

I have been using Soylent to replace many of my meals, and I decided to try Plenny Shake. I was wondering if the US warehouse is stocked well. If there will be a delay in my order or missing flavors, I would be happy to substitute different flavors. Mainly, I would like to know:

When will be order be fulfilled?
I am in Texas. From where in the US will it be shipped?
Which carrier is doing the shipping? Since I prefer USPS, is it possible to always get USPS shipping?

If I won’t be getting the plenny shakes within the next two weeks, I need to order more Soylent right away.


Hey Actuary,

Thanks for your question.

We ship from NY and LA. I will leave your other questions to my colleague that does supply in the US to answer tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply. I just got notification that it has been shipped.

Ah great, thank you.

Hi Actuary,

Great to hear that you decided to try the Plenny Shakes, glad to see that you received the order confirmation.
Shipments to Texas will normally be fulfilled by our LA warehouse but it also depends on the stock. It there, somehow, is one product not in stock in the LA warehouse your order gets shipped from the NY one.
Almost all the packages are shipped by UPS and the rest by USPS.
It’s currently not possible for customers to select a carrier but I do think that it is an idea worth looking into.

I’m going to look into the shipping options so that it, hopefully, will be possible for you to select a carrier yourself.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Here are several reasons why you should consider shipping with USPS exclusively:

I’m almost certain it’s cheaper.

Delivery to PO Box

Faster - I get stuff on Amazon frequently, and USPS almost never experiences unexpected delays. Just this morning I checked and the arrival date moved from Monday to Thursday. UPS just sucks.

For many apartments, there is no UPS package pickup. However, USPS has a secure delivery system for packages. At my apartment, UPS packages must be picked up in person from the business office. That business office closes randomly and has less open hours than my work hours. They open after I leave for work and close before I get home from work.

All that said, the fact that plenny shake is being shipped by UPS will lower the likelihood that I order it again. I may order it, but if I need something fast, it’s going to be something shipped from Amazon via USPS.

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Thank you for your further explanation. Those all seem like fair points which we might be able to improve.

I think it would be possible for us to make USPS an option. Then customers can select which shipping provider they prefer. I have to look into the cost of doing this first but should be implementable soon.

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Thanks for thinking with us.

UPS did update and my stuff is supposed to be delivered today (it’s still a pain to get the package but I will figure something out)

Thank you for listening, and I do encourage you to get feedback from the community if this change to USPS option is going to come at a cost. I prefer to have plenny shake as an option rather than sinking you with lofty ideas!