Shipping to Russia

 Something that can be used as a substitute for food, for me personally, was just a thing I've been searching for. It was Soylent that I first encountered when they were only starting their business. I thought I would definitely order some later. Not so long after, it turned out they do not plan on shipping it to Europe. That was really unfortunate.
 You can imagine, however, how happy I was to find your website, only to then find out that you are not shipping jimmyjoy-plennyshake to Russia. I don't know the exact reason, is it due to lack of customers, or some transport problems, but if at all possible, could you please tell some information regarding shipping to Russia? I would definitely like to give jimmyjoy-plennyshake a try for a month or two, but, for now, I don't see any possible ways of getting it.

Would be glad to hear any response!

Hi @tim32! Unfortunately we can’t ship to Russia at the moment due to issues with customs :pensive: We’re definitely planning on shipping worldwide in the future, so hopefully we can ship to Russia in the near future as well.

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Thank you for the information.

Smuggled 10 bags through customs. Ended giving up 8 to my friends. All came back super excited just to figure out it’s unavailable for shipping yet. Ordering to virtual address in Europe works but makes the product more expensive and the delivery lengthier.


You could also experiment with making your own.

For recipes I recommend

There is absolutely no problem. I’ve been shipping to Russia (via a re-mailer in Berlin) for almost a year now. I usually ship ~30 bags, via DHL-DE (regular parcels, not the ‘courier service’), declare the stuff as “kids flavored powder for cooking” and no one gives a damn. Just avoid sending it via courier services, they have to deal with proper customs, regular mail does not, as long as your declared value is under 1000 Euros and the weight is under 30 kg.

Hi! What kind of re-emailer are you using?
Could you name it please?
How long delivery takes?

I’m using qwintry (Berlin warehouse). Here’s my ref.code if you like

It usually takes 2-3 weeks from Berlin to Moscow.

Самая дешевая доствка для веса 16кг - 77$ через некий Qwintry Eco Post.

DHL-DE вроде нигде не фигурирует
Это оно?
С НГ какие-то изменения в работе почты и таможни случились, всё ли доезжает по прежнему??

  1. Yes, this is the delivery method I use.
  2. No, no changes - the latest shipment was received in January (50 TwennyBars)

Just wanted to let you know we’re working on shipping to Russia! We’re not sure yet when we’ll be able to do so, but it’s definitely on the planning :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply! There’s definitely a chance in the future, however, we don’t know if it will be possible shortly or will take for another few months or so :frowning: sorry!