Interested in trying Plenny Shake - Concerned About Supply Issues for US Customers

Hello! I am speaking with my doctor next week to see if introducing meal replacement into our diet is something that would be safe for me and my family. Jimmy Joy’s Plenny Shake is the brand I am most interested in trying (the flavors all look so good - and I have to admit their marketing team makes the company seem approachable). That said, I am pretty concerned about the supply issue complaints I keep seeing from US customers. If my doctor gives me the greenlight I want to make sure the product my family uses is accessible, especially since we’d be subscribing. I’ve seen complaints about orders (including via subscriptions) being months late. I’ve also seen flavors drop off from availability just in the past week that I’ve been researching Jimmy Joy, which furthers my concerns.

Have the US supply issues I’ve read about been fixed recently? Is it difficult to get Plenny Shake delivered on a regular basis in the US?

Hey @Brandoff_Brandon, welcome to our forum!

We appreciate very much that you want to try out our meals. We have had some delays recently with our restock shipments due to the situation in the world and some changes in regulations which caused more delays.
We are slowly getting back to speed, and with our next shipment coming in mid-September, we will again have all the Shakes available. We should again be fine going forward from that point, but it’s been a rough thing to be able to promise as external factors have every time been the reason for the delays and the stock issues.

If there would ever be a problem with your subscription, our customer care team would reach out with the options to possibly swap the unavailable item if needed. If that would not be possible, we would refund you for the item(s) of course. I hope this gives you a little more confidence to set up the subscription, even if we can not promise we will never be out of stock again for whatever reason.

I do subscriptions and have had no problems. I am in the US. They fill those before anything else. Even items that show out of stock.

Its a bit frustrating as competitors like Huel do not have that problem. Even during the pandemic.

I use both products and find JJ works better with my GI.

We do prioritize subscribers when we run into stock problems for the US indeed! The pandemic made it really challenging to keep up with demand in the US, especially because the international trade between EU and US was such a mess. It is improving now but still far from pre-pandemic levels. I understand your frustration, however please understand that our venture backed competitors have huge production facilities in the US, whereas we bootstrap everything in Europe still :slight_smile:

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Thanks Otto,

I understand and thank you for explaining it. Please forward, I have introduced the JJ product to several people but they see the “Out of stock” note and are turned off. They do not order.

Also the lack of the Plenty pot meals seems confusing.

Clear, thanks for the feedback and for referring people.
The Plenny Pot 6 packs were discontinued for the US and we will offer the Plenny Pot XL bags there in the future as we are for the rest of the countries we ship to. Unfortunately, at this moment, we do not have a confirmed date for the launch yet, but you can be sure it will be announced through email when we can.


Thanks Dan. Thats exactly what I want, the XL packages. I will add all the flavors when they arrive to my subscription.

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