Why aren't more People drinking Plenny shake?

I mean, there are nearly no negative arguments.

It saves time,
It safes Money.
It tastes.
It look stil better than some Pizza from my nearest delivery-service.
If you dont like to drink, there are the new bars, and I think (and hope) theres coming more like the bars.
They deliver fast, you dont even have to go Shopping.
And the most important Argument is: It’s healthy.

I mean, what is wrong with it? Everyone should use or at least try it!

But people are voting for Trump too, so I guess thats normal…

Shipping is fast? Countless people here and elsewhere have witnessed that support waits up to a month before responding and then treats the entire issue nonchalantly. Just look around the forums.

To add: incomplete orders, delayed refunds…we could probably just look inside each thread one by one here and poll the problems and lack of response thereto. That is the reason I am raging. After weeks of absence, Isabel has shown up and told a few people their orders are on the way. Did she respond to mine? No, just the low hanging fruit. That works fine in email but not on a public forum.

But yeah, hopefully they get their sh*t together soon because PEOPLE NEED MORE JIMMY JOY (or so like products…because we are idealists not corporate whores).

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I’ve let a lot of people try it, but most of them didn’t like the taste very much.

Shipping does indeed vary dramatically from overnight to more than 2 weeks sometimes in my exprience.

I don’t really agree on the ‘Healthy’ part. I don’t think there are especially ‘healthy’ things at all, just unhealthy things. If you have a good diet already, Jimmy Joy isn’t going to be any healthier. The main point of Soylent (so the Americans) was that you don’t need a claim like ‘healthy’ or ‘good for you’ to sell your product. You just offer it as it is. Most foods aren’t unhealthy at all in moderation.

I brought 2 people to buy it.

Most of them claimed, they would enjoy food too much to skip it.
And then start shoveling junk food. I don’t understand it.

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Well no it isn’t really “healthy” in that sense, but I think what OP meant was that it is a very balanced meal (and balanced is often seen as healthy). You know, a good ratio of carbs, protein and fat, and of course enough vitamins and minerals. :slight_smile:


It’s only the past month, maybe a bit more. I’ve order it before this and never had a problem. I really think they are working as hard as they can. From what I understand, something went wrong with stocking up on vanilla. It happens, and I can understand it’s not fun. But if you have patience, it will work out. As I’ve said, I’ve ordered before and never had a problem, and I’ve heard good things about their customer support as well, so I trust that, given time, they will fix this. But, as you said, you can still buy so-like products somewhere else to get your fix earlier.

And in my opinion, I don’t think they have treated the issue nonchalantly. I’ve seen customer support all over the forum apologizing to everyone, and really taking the complaints seriously.

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I think for one, there’s somewhat a stigma around powdered food, since it is a relatively new invention that has not been tested much. For another, I don’t think many people know about it at all (at least in Europe)
It doesn’t taste bad, but imo it lacks variety.
And a pure-Jimmy Joy diet is not much cheaper than a (cheap) diet of traditional food… depending of course on where you live.
But the visibility is the biggest factor imo.

Just wanted to add: I think it also has some advantages compared to other vendors of Jimmy Joy-like products.

I’ve looked at other companies that sell alike products, because currently there’s a big delay between placing and receiving the order here at Jimmy Joy. None of them have the things that I like about Jimmy Joy. For one, a lot of others only let you order a ridiculous (at least I think they’re ridiculous) amount of so-like product bags. And I like to try something first before paying a huge amount of money for it. And the one I found that didn’t require you to buy a large amount of bags, only let me choose the flavours per 6 meals (so all 6 would be the same flavour), or they had one mysteriously named: “Variety pack”, which I didn’t want either, because I don’t like all flavours…

In short, I’m sticking with Jimmy Joy compared to others because I can decide how many bags I want, and which flavours I want. That’s just my opinion though, do what you want with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I completely agree with you! The only thing Jimmy Joy is missing is the transparency. I don’t know about the Twenny bars but I think the pricing for Jimmy Joy itself is pretty good.

Ethical companies make an effort to exhibit real love and allow that sort of flexibility. They place the customer and the quality of the product ahead of personal profit because the purpose of establishing said ethical companies is to enable greater propagation of their ideals. That is what made Soylent so exciting when it first launched. That is what why Google’s “Don’t be Evil” slogan inspired such initial trust. Unfortunately it is those warm fuzzies that marketers try to tap into and we can’t really know their motives until they have an opportunity to demonstrate them.

That’s what I was trying to say before. I hope Jimmy Joy chooses the high road because when people or companies are loyal to me, I am loyal to them and I think most people are too. Why? Because it is easiest! Decision fatigue doesn’t improve anyone’s life and a crowded market is only beneficial when it brings down prices and improves quality. Most of us just wanna sit back, shake up our Jimmy Joy and pursue the meaningful things in life.

Anyways…time for bed :smiley: I was up sooo late last night thinking about getting my Jimmy Joy today. For now, life is good <3

Hi @shawn and everyone else, just wanted to let you know if you’re looking for customer support you can email us at love@jimmyjoy.com and you’ll receive an answer within a day :slight_smile: we’re not always around on the forum, but the forum isn’t meant for direct customer support which is why we have not always replied immediately. You’re of course welcome to ask your questions here though!

I tried Mana, but there were no flavours.
I have tried Bertrand too, but the konsistence was shitty.Than i bought Jimmy Joy, and I was happy. Ah yes, and I forgot: Mana and Bertrand are too unfriendly, Jimmy Joy got These funny e-Mails and pictures everywhere. :blush:
Wanna try Soylent anyway, but I think i will Stay with Jimmy Joy.