Number of shipped Meals


so when I ordered my first Batch of jimmyjoy-plennyshake a couple of weeks ago, the website proudly declared "2.5M Meals shipped"
and now it stands at 4M !!

Was the counter not updated for a long time or did jimmyjoy-plennyshake have a gigantic surge in popularity?!

Btw thanks for the great shipping times now a day! My first order shipped after 2 days, my last order shipped same day!
Great Work :smiley:

I don’t know for certain, but I imagine jimmyjoy-plennyshake’s big jump may have something to do with Soylent 1.6 being recalled and not having a powdered version available until, at least as Soylent’s PR claims, around first quarter next year. After looking at a few alternatives and reading the Soylent community forums, jimmyjoy-plennyshake appears to be the best, most cost efficient alternative. I know that’s why I made my first jimmyjoy-plennyshake order.

Yeah… Soylent/RL seems to be real shady at the moment. Kind of weird to destroy your brand so badly after being the pioneer in the business…

I’m not sure how shady they are, I’ve always had no trouble dealing with them, which honestly is more than I can say for my current attempt at ordering jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

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I was refering to all the recalls, people being sick etc etc

What is your problem with ordering from jimmyjoy-plennyshake? I have never had a problem. I am from the EU though so that may be the difference.

The recalls are kind of bad, but I’m willing o give RL a one time pass, although I do think they are trying to push new ingredients to market too quickly and should slow down their product iterations a bit.

EDIT: The problem was primarily a communication error, made more frustrating by having to wait a full day between responses; most likely due to time zone differences. It appears to be all sorted now.

Counter wasn’t updated for a long time. The review count is updated in ‘real time’, but the meal count is whenever someone gets around to it. It changed from “2.5M” (capital M) to “4 million” 3 days ago.

as some people stated already, we just updated the counter :slight_smile: We sell around 5 meals per minute.

Not shady at all. While I am not happy with the situation over at RL, being shady would have been to not halt production and change the formula. They admitted to having some kind of problem, probably the algae content, and fixing it. I was happy with their Food Bar and Powder 1.6, I did not experience any sickness. Unfortunately, out of an abudance of caution, they pulled their products availably - probably to protect their brand.

Since I only have two weeks of powder left, the most cost effective alternative for me was jimmyjoy-plennyshake. I am very interested in trying all the flavors and the twenny bar!

Yeah you are right. Though there was also the mold thing. But they seem to be very upfront about such problems which is important too.