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U.S Restock of Flavors

Hi Jimmy Joy!

I’ve been drinking Plenny Shakes almost everyday for the past year after comparing virtually every meal replacement shake. I continue to believe that Jimmy Joy is the only economically viable and at the same time tasty option out there.

I absolutely love your product! I buy it in 400 dollar quantities which last me several months. My only suggestion would be to offer a larger package size that is easier to get the remainder of the powder out of and would be easier to store. I would love it if you offered a large plastic box containing $100.00 worth of product, I would definitely buy these!

I am looking to restock my plenny shake mix but it appears the U.S is running out of stock. Is there a time estimate available for when the stock will replenish? I’m trying to decide if I should just buy the flavors that are available or if I should wait for the other flavors to replenish.

Thank you!

Hi there! So glad to hear you like our products, especially after such a dedicated search and comparison <3

Appreciate the feedback, I’ll make sure to note it for future meetings on development :slight_smile:

As for stock, I would suggest buying what is available when it’s available because stock is a bit messy right now. Corona made our sales surge, so we are adapting to that but since we are a EU based company we can’t simply restock within a couple of days. It’s a timely process of months! So I’m afraid I can’t say when we’ll have all our products available again at the same time. Sorry I can’t do much more for you right now <3