240 Euros to ship 260 Euros worth of Plennyshake to Canada?

Is this the correct rate? I remember last time I ordered, shipping was still less than 100 Euros. Thanks!

Hi Shukie,

Thanks for your question!
That is indeed the correct rate.
Our mission has always been to have our products available to as many customers as possible. Unfortunately, over the years we came to the conclusion that a lot of countries (also Canada) were not viable enough for our operation that is still only run from Amsterdam (and LA for a few months), we were actually tanking (read: losing) a lot of money on shipping it all across the globe at those rates. It was time for us to re-evaluate and slightly shift our strategy. We are very sorry that we are unable to keep those shipping costs to everyone affected by the increase in shipping charges.

I hope that we can have better rates again in the future but shipping to Canada is very expensive.
Let me know if you have any other questions🙂