Shiiping to France Europe 3 now?

What are you doing?? As a good returning customer, I was going to order some shakes but the shipping costs went from free when I did order for more than €60 to €10 now? Free and now €10? That’s an increase like I’ve never seen before…
Why is that?? Why are France and Portugal and Spain and the UK in your Europe3 category?? What’s the difference between shipping to Germany and France??
My order will have to wait, or worse: get canceled. I think you’ve just lost a lot of clients with this change. There are other companies, just a bit more expensive than Jimmy, but the shipment costs are less expensive, so they are commercially better.
I’m really disappointed with this change.

You do realize they aren’t pocketing this money, right? It is the shipping companies upping the prices. Would you rather have them increase the product price and remove shipping costs? That would benefit me more than it would benefit you.

I’m paying €15 for shipping from a poorer country and I’m not complaining. Some of us did not even have the benefit of free shipping before and may probably never have it.

Hey! If that was the shipping companies upping the prices, explain to me why the other companies like Queal have the same shipping prices as before? How come they didn’t up theirs?
I’m glad you’re not complaining but I don’t give a damn. And too bad you didn’t have the benefit of free shipping. Maybe if you didn’t live in this poorer country you would be complaining like me, heh?
Now please, leave this thread, the next thing you will say will be as useless as your post.

Yep, it’s exactly like @sooth said- we actually already cover a big part of the shipping costs ourselves! We’re really sorry guys :frowning:

Also, @LeKeiser, please stay sweet to each other :hibiscus:

@Isabel: I just don’t like people telling me I shouldn’t complain because others pay more or others can’t do this or others don’t have that luck or…
My complaint isn’t selfish, it’s what many of your customers are saying, and don’t understand. I’ve chatted with people from Italy, from Spain, and for England, and they are not happy. Too bad Sooth has to pay more, but that’s his problem, and if he doesn’t care about the price, well, that’s his choice too.
I’m sorry to hear that you cover a big part of the shipping costs, but the difference is you’re a company, we are single customers… And well, this raise will change many people’s habits… Won’t order that much, won’t order at all maybe.
Cuz it’s not just the cost of the shipment, there are lots of talks about quality, what’s inside, and all. And well, if your shakes, if your Twennies are more expensive to get, then it’s a small step to order from your competition. This is not a threat at all, mind me. It’s just a fact, something that people are talking about on forums. "Better pay a bit more and have a better quality now, especially if the prices are already going up."
People have less money nowadays. If somewhere along the line, something cost more, they have to adapt, and change a few things.

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I, of course, have already begun to study other alternatives like HUEL or SOLO. Queal i do not like

I’ll give a chance to Smart Feed Bars.
Yes, they’re more expensive, but now not that much. Also, better ingredients, no laxative effect…

I have to be honest, I love the Twenny bars. Love the taste. But Feed bars taste better, really. Really better. They are more expensive but the taste is worth every penny/cents… I’m leaning more and more to order from them. And Queal…

I LOVED TwennyBars too (I tried Wundr.Bar, but I found them pretty disgusting, it was like eating nougat), but I had to stop eating them (after almost a year) because of that extremely and unconfortable bloating effect (the laxative warning they carry). Just too much for me, I don’t know how I hold ut that much time. I needed a complete meal substitute, at least two or three per day, not just a super caloric snack.

I tried PlennyShake, Huel, Jake… I can tolerate them, but I’m not a fan of powder to liquid food. I get tired of them pretty soon. Maybe one day I’ll try the ready to drink ones, but for now they’re pretty expensive for me. Also, if I’m expending that much money, I found the solid bars more convenient to carry around.

Then I tried DIY bars with PlennyShake. Thankfully, no bloating effect. But after two months I’m getting tired of those too (not just because the extra effort of doing them the night before), because of the taste, the texture… In one year I never got tired of TwennyBars (also, I miss them XD).

So I’m pretty excited to try Feed Bars next month, and if everything goes fine, start with them on a regular basis.

I am a returning customer from Cyprus and I see change of a shipping cost from EUR 15 to 45.
Now Cyprus is classified as world 2 country even if it is European country.
Also I noticed that Twinny bar price has increased. So all looks like the new company management is trying to kill ■■■■■■■ business

Unfortunately we had to up our prices :frowning: The Twennybar price has not increased actually.