New shipping prices

New shipping prices:

I guess majority will be happy, but as your (possibly) only customer from Croatia for 1 year now, I feel shitty because shipping went from 15 EUR to 60 EUR!!! Come on Jimmy, don’t force me to buy from competitors… and I fart from Queal ;(

Yes, this sucks… Just found out that my country was “demoted” from Europe #1 to Europe #3.
Effectively doubling the price of transport for me (from 5 to 10 €), not happy, but not as unhappy as I would be if I were you.

Now I understand the reason for the survey … And for what? Not at all, because I doubt very much that people have been to his liking … I’m with matija, We will have to change to queal. Boycott !!!

Same thing for me :confused: .

We’re so sorry guys :frowning: we unfortunately had to up our prices. Please do know that we already cover a big part of the shipping ourselves, and have to deal with the prices shipping companies offer us.

I thought changing name to Jimmy Joy was ridicolous and embarrassing but upping the shipping prices without reason is simply rude to your loyal customers. You cannot tell me the shipping cost is 60 EUR because each carrier has pricelist on their website. Not to comment 150 EUR shipping to “World 5”; you do understand shipping is a big part of decision when buying online?!

Thankfully, there’s and competitors that might learn from this mistake.


France is now in the third european group, as are Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, … Shipment prices have more than doubled, for what reason?
I have to let you know that with this increase, you’ve lost all the french customers on a forum. We’re all moving to Queal or Feed. But more pricey, but at least, there is no low blow, shipment costs didn’t increase without a warning!
So disapointed!

I agree 100℅.
It’s never nice to discover that your European country is now considered a third world country.
I will not place a new order until something is done.

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changing name to Jimmy Joy was ridicolous and embarrassing

at least now the shakers they sell are “brandless”, which is something positive ^^

also, 150 EUR for african countries are just barrier prices, I doubt there is anyone actually buying any of this kind of products. J-O-Y-L-E-N-T could just put all the countries with high shipping cost on “not available”, you know, just like almost every other company is doing (SOY-L-E-N-T is not shipping to EU at all, is it?)

and now I just feel a little bit sorry for J-O-Y-L-E-N-T team that they have to read all these complaints "we now buy from Feed, they can go low as €8,70/day, but shipping in france is free"
It’s okay, it’s your money, you can overpay anywhere you want, but keep that in mind the J-O-Y-L-E-N-T is probably the cheapest in the world anyways

@Tubidubidam thanks for your support!

Well, I’m not happy with the shipping increases, but we can’t do anything about it, it seems.
Just a friendly advice, when you have to do this unpopular things it would be great to keep us invested with, I don’t know: new flavours, new twennybars… Just something beyond the “we’re working on it”. I know these things take time, but it seems to us you’re “working on___” forever, with no real advance. Some rough dates to keep us interested.

It’s food, but for all the 'lent customers, this works more like a tech company with their keynotes and announcements. We like new products from time to time, not just bad news :stuck_out_tongue: