EU purchase and VAT refund

I’m buying Plennyshakes for my meal af office so, ofc, I requested an invoice.
Since Jimmy Joy is a NL company, any purchase into EU is subject to the Reverse charge:

So, first of all the system should generate the invoice, but, most of all I should not pay the vat!
On all the e-commerce in the world this is automatic, but, for some reason, here it is not.

On my first purchase, the customer care sent me the same amount invoice, just settin che vat to zero, so… I paid it TWICE!

Is there anyone in the staff who is taking care and understands this so important but simple business regulation?


Yeah, between VAT and duty charges to where I am (Alberta, Canada), getting Jimmy Joy into my hands is far, far too expensive. Luckily FedEx contacted me about the cost of the charges on my order before shipping it out of the Netherlands. With that extra cost I may as well just get Soylent 2.0 since the main reason I was interested in Jimmy Joy was because it was the most cost effective Soylent alternative.

Between that and the hassle had with customer service (due to communication error, not any form of unprofessionalism or ill-intent on Jimmy Joy’s part), I’m no longer even considering Jimmy Joy. As soon as I get my refund for my order I don’t intend to have anymore contact with the Jimmy Joy company or products.