How long is shipping to the UK?

I ordered my first order of jimmyjoy-plennyshake 10 days ago and it still had not arrived. There hasnt been an update from the courier since the order was “generated” on the 29th April.
Considering this if it arrives later today Ill have to also order more if I have one meal a day or else I will run out by the time the second batch arrives…
Is this normal?

(Order number is R338011851)

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Some of the orders are blocked because some products are currently out of stock (vegan, Vanilla, wake up). Maybe your ordered some of these? I suggest you get in touch through the mail

Ok it just arrived a few minutes ago.
I hope it’s worth the long wait!

Great to hear you received it already :slight_smile:

Whenever you have trouble regarding your order again or would just like to chat about cats, your favourite kind of pizza or the new Radiohead single you’re of course free to email us at!

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