US Warehouse orders not shipping, customer service is not helpful

So I placed an order on February 18th, and paid for EU shipping, because there was no notification that the US warehouse was open. Perfectly ok with me. Turns out they are shipping my order from the US warehouse??? I hadn’t received a tracking number by the 22nd, even though my order showed as shipped on the website, so I decided to send an email inquiring about my order. On the 23rd, Tim told me that there was an error with my tracking number, but offered no solution. On the 24th, Olivia said that my package was on its way to me, which is not true. The package has still not yet been received by USPS on the 24th, and it has still not been received by USPS on the 26th, so it seems that JimmyJoy created the shipping label, yet they still have not sent out the package. Had they shipped from the EU warehouse, I would have had my package days ago. Nobody will reply to my emails now, and customer care hasn’t even offered anything to try to rectify the situation. If you are having problems with the US warehouse, which is obvious with previous posts here, don’t ship from there. I shouldn’t still be waiting for a package to ship within my country 8 days later. It would be fine if the customer care tried to fix the issue, but they haven’t. I wouldn’t place an order from the US for a couple of months.

How do you know the information you were given is not true?

I know that it is not true because the tracking number shows the package has been in the same spot, waiting to be delivered to usps for almost four days now. The package can’t be on the way to me if it never left the warehouse

Yes, I had the same issue up until this morning when the USPS updated their information. But how do you actually know you were lied to? Do you have any verifiable proof from their end?

Hi Axwhiting,

We truly regret this situation and how it has developed, although I understand this doesn’t help you much at this moment.
We really want to make one thing clear though, and that is that you say to have paid for ‘European’ shipping, but that is not really the case. In fact, shipping to the US from Europe at the moment costs us about $100,- per shipment, but since we really want to supply our US customers we take the hit and offer shipping for $12,-. If you feel you have overpaid for shipping, I hope this puts that somewhat into perspective.

We’re extremely sorry that this situation has occurred, I’ve made you a personal offer (because we really hope we can make it up to you).

I hope you can appreciate that setting up a logistical system like this, involving multiple countries and organisations is very complicated, although you should of course never have become a victim of it. We’re already making process and shipping out faster with more streamlined communications, so we’re confident any future orders will be handled much more smoothly.

Kind regards,


Customer Care