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Hi there,

On the 1st of November I ordered a batch of Jimmy Joy that is to be shipped to America.
As of now it has been almost 3 weeks and the most i have seen is that my order R855448526-38384 is just ‘In Transit’ and has been for some time.
The TrackYourParcel site is not exactly helpful with gaining any new information as to its location or sugegsted delivery date and I am getting concerned a to exactly where my $150 of Jimmy Joy has gone ;-;

Ok so after a little bit more digging i have found that it is FedEx at fault here for the fact that they did not give me any notice that they have tried to deliver the package and so according to them it is currently ‘At local FedEx facility’. if the TrackYourParcel site is to followed, then since it has been more than two weeks, they will return the shipment to Jimmy Joy . I am going to speak with FedEx as to if this is the case but since the package was not refused, what happens on from here?
Although a tedious process, I am willing to accept the idea of either a refund for the Jimmy Joy or having it shipped out again if FedEx have already returned it to Jimmy Joy but I am concerned about having this happen again. As I said before, i will aim to speak with FedEx to see exactly where the shipment is and why they did not follow their procedure of leaving a card or trying to get in contact with the sender (though I suppose that is you, further leading me to the question of why was i not informed by you if that is the case?) and will let you know what happens their side.
Thanking you in advanced for your swift reply

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We’re sorry you’re having trouble with receiving your order! Please send an email to love@jimmyjoy.com, so we can help you with this. If the parcel won’t get delivered anymore, we can of course always send your order again or refund you for it. I look forward to hearing from you through mail!