Currently delivering to China?

Is Jimmy Joy currently delivering to China? How long approximately are deliveries currently taking?

Yes, we do. Current delivery times are a bit harsh, though. It’s around 3 weeks for a shipment to reach China and can be held up to 60 days for clearance at customs.

Update: On 9/28 I received an email saying my order had shipped. On 10/15 I was able to pick up the product. So total shipment plus customs clearance only took 2-3 weeks. Shipping was 1 week and customs clearance was 10 days.

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Thanks so much for the update, really appreciate it! Did you have yo pay any customs fees or other extra costs for handeling etc.?

On a 198EUR order (3 plenny shake actives + plenny bar sampler pack = 123EUR + 75EUR shipping), I had to pay 50CNY service fee, 0.54CNY processing fee, and 128.44CNY tax. Total ~22EUR. Cost of ~70EUR per plenny active bag or 2.8EUR per 400kcal meal.
The plenny bar sampler pack apparently was damaged during shipping, only one of the bars made it here.

Oh no, so sorry to hear about the sample pack being incomplete. That’s very disappointing :frowning: Could you please email us at so we can refund your for them?

Apologies for the inconvenience <3