Any plan on ready-to-drink plennyshakes?

Would be awesome to try a ready-to-drink Plennyshake version . Why spending 30-45 seconds of preparation + cleaning time when you can instantly drink fabulous Plennyshake :smiley:

Is it a problem for shipping delivery time (for the water) or a hard-to-make working process ? :slight_smile:

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Cool to hear you’d be interested! We’re definitely considering it :slight_smile:


OMG!! Please do this!!

The main reason I give Soylent a try was that it was already made, and I just had to grab and go.

I’m curious what the shelf life will be of wet vitamin C and oil.

Oh god! My usual order weighs around 15kg right now, with water it would be around 60kg… NOPE


If my local store sold ready to drink Plennyshake, then I would be all over this - but since I order it from NL it’s gonna be a bit inefficient for me. Heavy boxes and few bottles. But don’t listen to me - go for it!


Hi Isabel!

Any update on the RTD?

Thank you.

Unfortunately Isabel is no longer working at Jimmy Joy :frowning: She is travelling the world atm!

The ready-to-drink is well on its way. I can’t really say exactly when since we are still not satisfied with the product but we do hope its not gonna be another 9 months before a update


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Thanks for the reply Nino.

I’m really excited to try it. I have switched to RTD from two other European companies due to the smooth consistency of the drink I couldn’t achieve with the Jimmy Joy powder (plus convenience) . I would switch back to Jimmy Joy in a heartbeat if the RTD is a smooth consistency also (which I believe it will be).

Either way, I will be trying all flavours of Jimmy Joy’s RTD once it’s released.

Thank you.

Edit: Please consider the larger 500ml (500 Kcal) sizes vs the smaller 330ml (400 Kcal). I know this will probably have already been decided upon though. Hopefully it’s just in my favour :grin: Thanks!

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Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Fosking! Hopefully we’ll have you back in our team soon :smile: We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information on the launch date. Cheers!