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New formula Plenny shake changes in Jelly liquid


Hello fellow Plenny users,

Last week, before I went to sleep, I had made a Plenny shake and put it in the fridge. The next day, 7 hours later, I got this Plenny shake for breakfast. Unfortunately the liquid was changed to a kind of jelly liquid and awful to drink. Even when I shaked it again and add some little water, the shake kept a core with a kind of jelly stuff.
I asked customer service of Jimmy Joy about this problem. They told me that they were investigating this issue. The tone of his message was not really friendly. I recommended JimmyJoy strongly to change the preparation and storage conditions which are mentioned on the website and forum. JimmyJoy recommends namely on the website and the forum that Plenny shake should be latest consumed at 12 hours after preparation. If you keep the new formula Plenny shake longer than 2 hours after preparation in the refrigerator, it changes in jelly liquid. The old formula Plenny shake does not have this problem.
I am curious if there are other Plenny shake users who have experienced the same problems and I would like to know if they also reported this issue at the customer service of JimmyJoy.

I am looking forward to your response.

Best regards


@Bosch I’ve noticed the same issue. Nor shaking or adding water helps to dilute the jelly.
I have to say, I’m not enjoying this at all and it makes me regurgitate a bit.

Hoping there’ll a solution soon!


Hello JimmyJoy,

Me and my family are daily heavvy users Plenny shake. We would like still te get a clear answer about the jelly problem. We found still instru tions on your site that you can keep the shake for 24 hrs to consume. But that is not the case. Also new ordered Plenny powder still causes the same problem.
We notice also that you have changed the nuances of the flavors. We have also ordered some boxes during the sale out of the old Plenny shake version.
We must admit that we liked the structure of the powder and flavors of the old version more than the new version.

So we are awaiting your official statement about the problems with the new version of Plenny shake.

Best regards


Hi Bosch,

Our Plenny Shake is designed to eat straight away. If you leave it in the fridge it will get gooey due to the new ultra fine oats. We have reviewed internally and changed oats supplier so it will get better in the near future! We still recommend consuming it straight away, and with the new oats it’s best consumed within ±8 hours after mixing. Customers used to leave it overnight because our former recipe was less gritty that way. The new formula is already super smooth when mixed so if you prefer a cold shake I’d recommend just cooling the water or add ice cubes :slight_smile: We could have communicated that change better though! Our apologies.